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Cross up… Bancyfelin Grasstrack club introduce Grass Cross!

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Cross up… Bancyfelin Grasstrack club introduce Grass Cross!



The Bancyfelin Grasstrack club in Wales has introduced a new format of racing to attract new members and increase rider numbers at their meetings.

The club has been running for over 30 years and has evolved from running the traditional oval grasstrack events to their new format which is a mash-up of Grasstrack and Motocross entitled quite aptly Grass Cross.

The track is a simple fast Motocross track with no jumps in a grass field. It’s simple but effective and with 18 classes running everyone is catered for and it’s fantastic for riders of all abilities to get their racing fix and to introduce a new breed of young and old riders into off road racing.

The club now has a strong local and national membership which is growing each year.

Classes include Mini Quads/Starter bikes to Pitbikes, Youth and Adult solos motocrossers, full-blown open Quads, sidecars and sometimes trikes.

The clubs next meetings is this Saturday 25th May with meetings running regularly now all of the way through to October.

To join the club it is a £10 membership fee for any rider who wants to be eligible for the 2019 club championships. Race entry fees are £15 for youth on their small track, £20 for youth on the full track £25 for all adult classes. Field entry charge is £4 adult £2 child or £10 for a family of 4+

The circuit address is SA33 4PU

For more info go to the clubs Facebook page