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TEAM NEWS: Fantic unveils 2024 Motocross Factory squad!

TEAM NEWS: Fantic unveils 2024 Motocross Factory squad!

At EICMA 2023, there are not only the production models to parade to attract the always numerous audience at the Fantic stand but also the motocross and enduro models that have won more than 30 international titles in the last three years.

Together with them, there are also the riders and team managers protagonists of the 2024 season. In fact, Fantic took advantage of the Milan event to present the factory teams, both motocross and enduro, that will carry the name of the Veneto-based company in the world and European championships next year.

Words: Fantic Press Release, Images: Glenn Coldenhoff Social Media


In motocross, Fantic presents some novelties for 2024: relying on three structures with deep experience, it will participate in four classes.

Already looking hopeful with the red plate on the Fantic! Glenn Coldenhoff & Roan van de Moosdijk at the EICMA show.


After its debut in 2022, Fantic returns to line up in grand style at the starting gate of the MXGP World Championship. In fact, for 2024, Fantic will participate in the premier class of motocross by entrusting the Fantic Factory Racing MXGP team to the experience of Louis Vosters’ Dutch structure, a protagonist in the World Motocross Championships in recent years. The riders who will bring the Fantic XXF 450 to the race, under the guidance of team manager Vitaliy Tonkov, will be the outstanding Glenn Coldenhoff and the rookie Roan Van de Moosdjik.

Fantic will also be present in the MX2 World Championship and the EMX250 European Championship with the Fantic Factory Racing MX2 team, with Matteo Migliori’s SM Action structure from Modena, together with team manager Emanuele Giovannelli. The Fantic bearers will be the Dutchman Kay Karssemakers, the EMX250 2023 Vice-Champion who deservedly rises to the World Championship, and the Spaniard David Braceras. The Frenchman Alexis Fueri is confirmed in the EMX250 class.

The Fantic Factory Racing EMX125 team will be present in the European 125 championship with Daniele Marchese’s SDM team, which will field the Italian Simone Mancini, the Hungarian Noel Zanocz, and the Belgian Douwe Van Mechgelen.


Louis Vosters (Team Owner)
Vitaliy Tonkov (Team Manager)
Glenn Coldenhoff
Roan Van de Moosdjik


Matteo Migliori (Team Owner)
Emanuele Giovannelli (Team Manager)
David Braceras
Kay Karssemakers
Alexis Fueri


Daniele Marchesi (Team Manager)
Simone Mancini
Noel Zanocz
Douwe Van Mechgelen