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Jane Daniels finishes as top female racer in her First Dakar Rally!

Jane Daniels finishes as top female racer in her First Dakar Rally!


Mission accomplished. After two weeks of racing, the Fantic Racing Team celebrated three bikes at the finish line in Yanbi. At the end of the last special – a 175-km Sprint race- the team was waiting for Tommaso Montanari, Jeremy Miroir and Jane Daniels.

Words & Images: Fantic Racing

Having 3 bikes at the finish line is an incredible success for Fantic Motors, the only Italian manufacturer to compete in the world’s toughest and most grueling rally.

“It is a team success,” Matilde Tomagnini stated at the arrival in Yanbu, “day after day we managed the different situations and unexpected events that came up. This achievement is the result of everyone’s great work. I was moved to see Jeremy (Miroir) waiting for Jane (Daniels) at the end. He hugged her and simply said “merci,” thank you. Without her support, he would not be here. Jane proved herself to be the great champion that she is. She is a born fighter, she never gives up. Bravo to Tommaso (Montanari) as well, he gave a great performance today finishing 15th. He wanted to prove his talent. I would like to thank the whole team. There were some people at their first Dakar. It’s never easy but it is a wonderful experience. A special thanks to all of Fantic who supported us from the office. Thanks to Mario Roman, who believed in this project from the beginning, Filippo Roman, Giacomo Folador, Stefano Salmaso, Edoardo Gaffo, Antonio Di Dino, and the whole racing department. Together we did a great job. Miracles exist.

Jane Daniels, awarded best performer of the “Dakar Spirit,” also won the women’s category, 48th in the stage and overall: “I’m really happy to be at the finish line in one piece. It is the hardest race I have ever run: exhausting both physically and mentally. It is my first Dakar, I didn’t know what to really expect, but I gave my best every day. I won the women’s category, but I also wanted a good final position. We finished in the Top 50. The bike went very well. The Dakar is a amazing, we will see each other again.”

Jane Daniels was top Brit as well as the best female finisher in the Dakar 2024, with 48th position overall.

Awarded as best rookie, Jeremy Miroir is also satisfied, 23rd in special, 31st in overall: “I’d like to thank to the whole Fantic team. The bike worked well, I did my best and I am so happy to have finished my first participation. Now we have won the right to get some rest. The highlight of the race was the stage when I finished top 20 and scored the medal for the best rookie. It is a great satisfaction. The worst moment was when a stone hit the carter and Jane had to towtrack me for many kilometers. Thank you Jane.”

Tommaso Montanari shone for speed and today’s P15. This was the best positioning among the Fantic riders: “We arrived in Yanbu and I am very satisfied. Difficulties are part of racing, they can happen, but we also handled them well. The team is wonderful, the bike too, and I’m looking forward to preparing even better for 2025. My greatest satisfaction? Finishing in the top 20 in several stages. I worked all year for this result. My biggest difficulty? Managing the emotions.”

From the finish of the special on the shores of the Red Sea, the Fantic Racing team returned to the bivouac in Yanbu for the long-awaited podium ceremony.