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TEAM NEWS: Fantic Unveil 2024 Enduro World Championship Squad!

TEAM NEWS: Fantic Unveil 2024 Enduro World Championship Squad!

At EICMA 2023, Fantic took advantage of the Milan event to present the factory teams, both motocross and enduro, that will carry the name of the Veneto-based company in the world and European championships next year.

Words: Fantic Press Release, Image: Jed Etchells Social Media


On the strength of the five titles won this year in the Enduro World Championship, Fantic is also expected to be a protagonist in the coming season, again with two teams.

Simone Albergoni will continue to lead the Fantic Factory Enduro team, which has become Fantic’s ‘School of Champions’, thanks to the 18 titles won in the last three years. Together with him, the confirmed riders who have dominated in their respective categories will step up: Junior Enduro World Champion Jed Etchells, Junior 2 champion Albin Norrbin, who will debut in EnduroGP, the queen class, and Youth class champion Kevin Cristino. The dominator of the 2023 season will move up a category and compete in the next championship on a bigger bike.

Joining the three top riders will be new signing Axel Semb, another 2023 star who has just finished in the Junior class.

Antonio Specia’s Fantic Factory Junior team has successfully demonstrated its skills and outstanding performance, earning well-deserved recognition this year. The Veneto-based outfit will jump from the European to the World Championship, with four-time world champion Jane Daniels flanked by youngsters Valentino Corsi and Pietro Scardina.


Simone Albergoni (Team Manager)
Jed Etchells
Albin Norrbin
Kevin Cristino
Axel Semb


Antonio Specia (Team Manager)
Jane Daniels
Valentino Corsi
Pietro Scardina