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Eastbourne are the undisputed kings of Pitbike Speedway! Team Challenge second leg – Race Report

Eastbourne are the undisputed kings of Pitbike Speedway! Team Challenge second leg – Race Report

The curtains drew on the Pitbike Speedway season Sunday for the winter at the Eastbourne Speedway Mini Track with the second leg of the Pit Bike Speedway Team Challenge between the Eastbourne Speedway Mini Trackers & the Iwade Colts.

Report by Connor Dugard and Mitchel Godden – Images courtesy of Amanda Morrison

The Mini trackers holding a 13 point lead from the first round at Iwade after turning the tables in the final leg to turn over a 25 point deficit in 7 heats.

The sun (yes I can’t believe it either) was out over the stadium today and not much water lying on the track! To the point where we even had dust come up for the first time in the tracks history!

With both teams operating the Rider replacement facility due to no shows… Neil Hooper & Danny Ford cheers lads the programme had to be utilised to its full potential! Eastbourne winning the first, second, third and fourth leg meant there was not much hope for the Colts to pull back the deficit despite certain attempts from OAP who scored 4 points & team captain Mitchel Godden. Albeit they did win the finals leg.

A shout out to Shippys mate Leigh who stepped in and showed his worth progressing straight to the A final. As well as young guns Vinny Smith & Ethan Hoare on their first visit scoring valuable points for both teams!

With Eastbourne coming out on top over the two legs a great end to the season with action-packed racing all round with a large group spectating, photos to follow soon hopefully! Final scores to follow but Eastbourne were 63 points up going into the finals.

Once again thank you as always to the medical staff, Georgina McLean Niall Strudwick & John Strudwick & Wayne our start marshall! We will await to see why the government say regarding coronavirus before planning any practice sessions and a summer series which we will be operating with a new track shape…

Safe journey home everyone and to anyone that had an off hopefully you aren’t too sore! See you on the flip side