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What does the Future hold for Brad Anderson?? AMA, AMCA, Auto Dad…


What does the Future hold for Brad Anderson?? AMA, AMCA, Auto Dad…


Duck Smart

Verde Substance KTM’s 2 Stroke hard charger and 2020 EMX 2T champion Brad Anderson is heading into his final year of Pro Motocross racing in 2021 before he changes his focus which will see him take a step to the other side of the fence in support of his son Vinnie who races in the Auto class.

Feature Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer – MX Nationals 

At 39 years of age, the ever-popular Ando is throwing everything into the ring for his final foray into the big time. Talking to Jeffro on the “Man in a Van” Motocross Show; he said, “Age is just a number, but this year is going to be my last big year as a Pro, and then I am going to move onto my little lad and spending some time with him. 

“I am looking to do the EMX championship for another year, then I have got the British (Revo Acu British Championship), and then I would like to do the MX Nationals, so it’s going to be a really busy year, so they are the three championships I would like to contest in.

“Obviously, I enjoy doing them (EMX Rounds), being at a World Championship, you see all of them GP riders, you get on with them, even getting on the rostrum, its lovely hearing that National anthem, that’s fantastic. Seeing that flag up, it’s a big buzz; that’s what always encourages you to push that 110%.

“As this is going to be my last year, I want to give it 100% and try and ride as much as I can. Obviously, I want to do the Vets MXDN, and I want to do the World Vets in America, so they are two more meetings I want to push in.

“I would like to do an AMA before I bow out, and then as I say, call it a day and concentrate on Vinnie after that, so if I don’t see much of him this year, then after, I can fully concentrate on him.

“So this year this is it; I am giving it 110% to prove to the ACU that 2 Strokes are still the way forward, and hopefully, I can mix it up in the top few.”

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Brad Anderson the future

Image Courtesy of X-Cast Media

On his future in the sport and being an Auto Dad, Brad said, “Yeah well, you see different people do different things, all you want to do is see your lad do their best, but Vinnie likes to see me run from side to side and cheer him on, it gives him more motivation. You see some Dads sit back and watch them, whereas I am one of those lunatics.

“I am still going to ride, but not professionally and probably not for a team. I still will be riding… I don’t know if it will maybe doing AMCA, or something different… or just riding with my lad doing the odd club meeting, so I am still going to ride, just not professionally.

“I love the sport. I will always have a soft spot for it. I just love it; I always have done and always will.”

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Image courtesy of Verde Substance KTM

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