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Prado loses red plate at tough MXGP of Portugal for Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing

Prado loses red plate at tough MXGP of Portugal for Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing

Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing grabbed key points with Jorge Prado fighting to 13th overall in MXGP, while Simon Längenfelder raced to 9th overall in MX2.

  • Jorge Prado overcame crashes and tough conditions in Agueda, showing true grit by recovering crucial points for the championship despite finishing 13th overall.
  • Simon Längenfelder excelled in the first moto with a second-place finish, but a crash in the second moto led to a DNF and a suspected collarbone injury.
  • Despite the challenges of the MXGP of Portugal Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing places third in MX2 and second in MXGP in the Manufacturers Classification.

In a weekend dominated by torrential weather, Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing confronted the challenging elements head-on, clinching essential points. Situated on the north-west coast of Portugal, near the town from which the circuit derives its name, Agueda is known for its relentless hard pack surface. However, this weekend, the 1320m track was transformed into a deep, slippery quagmire of mud and rain, setting the stage for the season’s first major mud race.

Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing’s MXGP rider, Jorge Prado, encountered one of the season’s most demanding challenges yet; finishing 13th overall. The defending champion began Sunday promisingly in the first moto, swiftly advancing from a 7th place gate slot to hold 4th in the initial laps. However, the deteriorating track conditions were unforgiving, and a cross-rut on the fourth lap caused an uncharacteristic fall. Prado rejoined the race more than a lap behind, in 23rd position, and despite a heroic effort to regain ground, he finished the race in 16th place.

The second moto started with a flash of brilliance as Prado nailed the Fox holeshot – his seventh of the season – immediately asserting himself at the front. However, an early crash dashed his hopes of a podium finish, relegating him to 23rd. Undeterred, Prado fought valiantly back to 12th by the race end. While Jorge’s performance at Agueda may not reflect his usual dominance, his ability to race in extreme conditions and salvage crucial points keeps him firmly in the championship fight.

In MX2, Simon Längenfelder was flying the flag solo for Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing, with teammate Marc-Antoine Rossi sidelined due to an injury sustained at the previous round in Trentino. Längenfelder quickly mastered the treacherous conditions, charging into the top three right from the start and securing a solid second place by the third lap of the first race. His speed was on full display as he set the fastest lap of the race, a blistering 2:05.9, on lap seven. He maintained this incredible pace to finish an impressive second, just 10.7 seconds behind the leader.

However, the second moto brought a stark contrast. Despite a strong start, disaster struck early-on when Längenfelder crashed due to the deceptive deep mud. The unfortunate incident led to a suspected collarbone injury, forcing him to retire prematurely and record a DNF.

In EMX250 Valerio Lata followed up his masterclass performance in Trentino, with another podium – finishing P2 overall, after a third and second place finish in both motos.

As the Red Bull GASGAS squad now looks forward to the next round – the MXGP of Galicia in Lugo on the 12th of May – the focus is clear: adapt, overcome, and return to the top of the podium.

MXGP – #1 – Jorge Prado: The MXGP of Portugal is over, and it was extremely challenging. I was the fastest when the track was dry early in the weekend, but then the rain came on Saturday and Sunday. In the qualifying race, I struggled a bit with getting the bike set up, but by Sunday, I was the fastest again. I definitely had good speed, but the starts from P7 were tough: there were mistakes, crashes. The conditions on Sunday made it super tough. I had to make two pit stops in the first moto, and then I crashed after a good start in the second moto. It was a pity because I know I’ve been hard to beat on this track—but sometimes, that’s just how it goes! Now, we’re just looking forward to the next race. We’re 15 points down, but hopefully, we’ll get back that red plate soon enough!

MX2 – #516 – Simon Längenfelder:
Every lap in Agueda was a battle against the elements as much as against the clock this weekend. We showed our pace and fought hard, proving that even under the toughest conditions, we push to the limit. It’s a setback, for sure, but every challenge is a setup for a stronger comeback. We’ll heal, regroup, and hit the track with even more determination. Thank you, as always, to the team for all their hard work and support this weekend!” 

MXGP of Portugal (Agueda) Results:
MXGP – Overall
1. Pauls Jonass (Honda) 44pts
2. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) 38pts
3. Tim Gasjer (Honda) 36pts
9. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM) 25pts
13. Jorge Prado (GASGAS) 15pts
17. Mattia Guadagnini (Husqvarna) 11pts
MXGP – Moto One
1. Tim Gasjer (Honda)
2. Pauls Jonass (Honda)
3. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki)
15. Jorge Prado (GASGAS)
17. Mattia Guadagnini (Husqvarna)

23. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM)

MXGP – Moto Two
1. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM)
2. Pauls Jonass (Honda)
3. Cornelius Toendel (KTM)
12. Jorge Prado (GASGAS)
14. Mattia Guadagnini (Husqvarna)
MXGP – Standings
1. Tim Gasjer (Honda) 252pts
2. Jorge Prado (GASGAS) 238pts
3. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) 220pts
4. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM) 198pts
25. Mattia Guadagnini (Husqvarna) 11pts
MX2 – Overall
1. Liam Everts (KTM) 50pts
2. Rick Elzinga (Yamaha) 40pts
3. Thibault Benistant (Yamaha) 34pts
4. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) 32pts
5. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 29pts
9. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 22pts
10. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) 18pts
16. Sacha Coenen (KTM) 14pts
MX2 – Moto One
1. Liam Everts (KTM)
2. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 
3. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna)
6. Andrea Adamo (KTM)
8. Sacha Coenen (KTM)
16. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna)
MX2 – Moto Two
1. Liam Everts (KTM)
2. Rick Elzinga (Yamaha)
3. Mikkel Haarup (Triumph)
7. Andrea Adamo (KTM)
8. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna)
9. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna)
20. Sacha Coenen (KTM)
DNF. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 
MX2 – Standings
1. Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) 246pts
2. Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) 216pts
3. Liam Everts (KTM) 188pts
5. Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) 171pts
6. Andrea Adamo (KTM) 168pts
10. Sacha Coenen (KTM) 104pts
11. Marc-Antoine Rossi (GASGAS) 101pts
Words by Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing – Images by Juan Pablo Acevedo