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Ups and downs at MXGB opener in Lyng for the SC Sporthomes Husqvarna team!

Ups and downs at MXGB opener in Lyng for the SC Sporthomes Husqvarna team!

The first round of the ACU British Motocross Championship this weekend took the SC Sporthomes Husqvarna team to Cadders Hill, Lyng in Norwich. The track, used since 1936 for motorcycle events, is known for its steep natural hillsides that make up most of the track.

Words by SC Sporthomes Husqvarna – Images by@JHMX.Official

With a solid off-season behind us, training Stateside, and a few gate drops with good results already under their belts, the hopes were high for the opening round of the British Motocross Championship, but in true UK style, the weather added an extra layer of challenge, turning the event into a survival test for both riders and their machines.

For Charlie Heyman in the MX2 category, it was a day of ups and downs. A shaky start in the first race left him struggling to see through the rain and mud roost, forcing a pit stop for fresh goggles. Despite the setback, he showed some serious speed in the second heat, fighting his way into 2nd place before mechanical issues forced him out of the race.

“Feeling really good going into the next round now knowing I have the speed to run at the front” – Charlie Heyman

Elliott Banks-Browne, with his first gate drop of the year under the SC Sporthomes Husqvarna awning, found himself further back than he would have liked in the MX2 class. The stacked class and one lined track meant the start was crucial. A tough start in the first race saw him lose ground, and have to withdraw, preserving the bike and himself ahead of the second heat where he fought back to finish in the top 20.

Meanwhile, Syd Putnam, moving up from the Youth class, faced off against a tough and stacked field of competitors in the MX2 Class. With 40 riders on the gate, Syd put his head down and bagged two really impres- sive races, only narrowly missing out on points. Now motivated to keep the forward momentum going.

“Over the moon with how the day went! Got solid results and was ahead of riders that I have never been ahead of before!” – Syd Putnam

Up to the 450s in MX1, Tristan Purdon and Charlie Putnam.With the track and weather conditions worsening throughout the day, the goal was just to secure as many points as possible without taking too many risks. The first race had Tristan in the fight after the gate dropped, but after crashing 3 times in the opening laps of the race, it was too late to recover to get back up to pace and into the position he would’ve liked. Race 2 started better, with another good fighting chance to be in the mix, but mechanical issues persisted.

“It was survival out there, just to get points on the board, so we’ve got points and we move on to the next one” – Tristan Purdon

Charlie Putnam, despite starting off with a hard fought race, turned his day around to bring home solid results, like that of younger Put. Race 1 saw him hit the gate and have to race from the back, also going down in the opening laps, he was determined for a better result in race 2. A better start set him up just outside the top 10 where he fought to make the passes and put himself in a strong 10th place.

“I’m buzzing to bring home a top 10 this weekend! Hopefully plenty more to come!!” – Charlie Putnam

A great opener for both the Putnam brothers, now both eager to climb the ladders in their respective classes.


Charlie Heyman | 8 – 28 for 14th O/A

Elliott Banks Browne | 35 – 20 for 25th O/A

Syd Putnam | 23 – 24 for 28th O/A


Tristan Purdon | 15 – 7 for 9th O/A

Charlie Putnam | 18 – 10 for 14th O/A