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Futures Friday: British Championship Paddock nearly complete for 2024!

Futures Friday: British Championship Paddock nearly complete for 2024!

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a great Christmas with lots of Moto goodies under the tree!

Our first Futures Friday of 2024 comes after a week of big announcements for the British Championship paddock that nearly completes our picture for 2024.

Words: Ben Rumbold, Featured Image: Arenacross UK

The big one was SC Sporthomes Husqvarna, which wasn’t a massive surprise as some riders were already known, but the big question mark from MX2, Charlie Heyman, who was left out of the Tru7 Honda Racing Academy team announcement way back in November, was finally answered.

There are inter-team rivalries in the paddock, as with any competitive environment, and for sure the management as SC Sporthomes Husqvarna will be absolutely buzzing if Heyman can move forward from his difficult debut adult year in 2023. The 18-year-old dominated the Youth 125cc British Championship in 2022 and even led in his pro MX2 debut at Landrake on a 250 two-stroke. He is an awesome talent on a motorcycle and after his first full year on a four-stroke, where he did briefly show some serious speed, he could very well advance up the order if he can gel with the team.

Image: SC Sporthomes Husqvarna / JHMX

Their other MX2 riders, Elliott Banks-Browne and Syd Putnam, are at polar opposite ends of their careers.  EBB showed some fantastic speed last year to reach 3rd in the British Championship, winning motos at Foxhill and Schoolhouse, where a broken chain cost him a certain double moto victory and ultimately the runner-up spot in the series.  He is a dark horse for the Championship in 2024.  Putnam has shown some progress in recent Youth seasons but only time will tell how he will fare amongst the men. We keep our fingers crossed for him.

Their MX1 riders should also be contenders, with Scottish Champion John Adamson tackling Arenacross with the team before they hit the outdoors, and Tristan Purdon looking to make that extra step towards the podium that he started to get close to in 2023. Charlie Putnam will be there again and looking for regular top ten finishes, plus those fun trips over to AMA Nationals which are always entertaining to follow!

The announcement made no mention of Evgeny Bobryshev, and after a quick little chat with the Russian we can reveal that he has moved with his family to Florida, and is looking to  try and get some racing in out there, but his nationality could well prevent that, even if he looks to Central or Southern America for some money-making rides.  So there is a small chance that he could be back in the UK if he is simply unable to ride anywhere else.

Elsewhere, and this might have been something we simply missed beforehand, but pics have come through of Carlton Husband throwing around a KX450 for the Phoenix Tools/Even Strokes Kawasaki team. A quick message has confirmed that he will be campaigning the MX1 class in 2024 while his teammate Charlie Cole focuses on MX2.

Carlton Husband has been getting airborne on his new KX450. (Image: AJW MX Photos)

A massive thanks to some of our followers who pointed out that Jake Millward has stated that he won’t be lining up this year due to complications with his arm injury from Blaxhall last year. We wish Jake all the best in his recovery. If Verde Shiloh KTM do line up again, it might be with Dylan Woodcock and Bailey Johnston, who have made no announcements elsewhere.  Also unannounced are Liam Knight, Stuart Edmonds, and Ashton Dickinson, although the latter has had some injury-affected years that might be difficult to come back from.

The other major team that has yet to announce anything is ASA United GASGAS.  We know that Ivo Monticelli won’t be in the UK, and that Adamson has gone to Husky.  Bobby Bruce has also left the team, leaving just Ben Mustoe unannounced so far.  With the Revo GASGAS team folding up, does that give Lee Tolan’s squad a bit more support from the red Austrian brand? Their social media stated that an announcement would be coming soon.  Whilst Billy Askew has landed at Dixon Kawasaki alongside Bruce, and Ethan Lane will race in Spain, Brian Bogers has yet to pick up a ride so he might land there maybe?  Or could ASA make a move for Harri Kullas, who doesn’t have a confirmed ride for the summer yet? That’s going to be a fascinating announcement either way.

Here are the top riders from last year, where they have landed, and what we know for sure!

1. Conrad Mewse – Confirmed as staying with Crendon Fastrack Honda.
2. Josh Gilbert – Confirmed as moving from Crendon Fastrack Honda to Gabriel SS24 KTM
3. Harri Kullas – Racing Arenacross & Hawkstone with FUS Marsh Husqvarna, but says that the deal is “winter only”.
4. Tristan Purdon – Confirmed as moving from Gabriel SS24 KTM to SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
5. John Adamson – Confirmed with SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
6. Evgeny Bobryshev – Not planning on racing in the UK due to moving to Florida.
7. Jamie Carpenter – Confirmed as racing on his own JC184 KTM team.
8. Brad Todd – Confirmed as staying on a private Honda with support from Apico and Bikesport Honda, but looking for more sponsors!.
9. Tom Grimshaw – Confirmed as moving from Chambers Racing to Apico Honda.
10. Tommy Searle – Confirmed with Dirt Store Kawasaki in MX1.
11. Liam Knight – Unannounced, possibly staying with Gabriel KTM?
12. Ashton Dickinson – Unannounced, TALK Templant KTM team questionable.
13. Ivo Monticelli – Confirmed as leaving the UK to race for Beta in MXGP & Italy.
14. Martin Barr – Confirmed as staying with Apico Factory Racing as they move to Honda.
15. Shaun Simpson – Confirmed as staying with Gabriel SS24 KTM but as Team Manager only
16. Stuart Edmonds – Unannounced, possibly staying on a private Honda with S Briggs Commercials?
17. Jason Meara – Confirmed as staying with Moto-Cycle GASGAS.
18. Dan Thornhill – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
19. Miro Sihvonen – Unannounced, but likely to be moving away from British racing.
20. Callum Green – Confirmed as moving from TRU7 Honda to Crendon Fastrack Honda.
NEW TO MX1. Carlton Husband – Confirmed as moving to MX1 with Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki.

1. Isak Gifting – Confirmed as moving to MXGP with JK Racing, unlikely to be racing in the UK.
2. Taylor Hammal – Confirmed as moving from Gabriel SS24 KTM to TRU7 Honda Racing Academy in MX2
3. Elliott Banks-Browne – Confirmed as staying in MX2 with SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
4. Bobby Bruce – Confirmed as joining Big Van World MTX Kawasaki in the British & World MX2 Championships.
5. Jamie Wainwright – Unannounced, possibly staying with his own family-backed KTM team?
6. Carlton Husband – Confirmed as moving to MX1 with Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki.
7. Charlie Heyman – Confirmed as moving from Tru7 Honda Racing Academy to SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
8. Sam Nunn – Was going to Chambers Racing, now switched to a private set-up.
9. Jorgen-Matthias Talviku – Confirmed as leaving SC Sporthomes Husqvarna for AMA racing.
10. Charlie Cole – Confirmed as staying in MX2, moving from Blades Bikes to Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki.
11. Ben Mustoe – Unannounced, possibly staying with ASA United GASGAS?
12. Joel Rizzi – Confirmed with Dirt Store Kawasaki.
13. Jack Chambers – Confirmed as staying with Big Van World MTX Kawasaki, uncertain about British Champs.
14. Mel Pocock – Confirmed with Dirt Store Kawasaki.
15. Glenn McCormick – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
16. Jake Millward – Not racing for 2024 after complications with his injuries.
17. Ben Franklin – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
18. Bailey Johnston – Unannounced, possibly staying with Verde Shiloh KTM?
19. Joe Brookes – Confirmed as moving to 426 Motorsports KTM.
20. Tommy Searle – see MX1!
21. James Barker – Confirmed with new team AVT Campers KTM.
22. Alfie Jones – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
23. Dylan Walsh – Confirmed in AMA Supercross with Host Grindstone Kawasaki.
NEW ARRIVAL – Billy Askew – Confirmed with Big Van World MTX Kawasaki.
NEW ARRIVAL – Cas Valk – Confirmed with Gabriel SS24 KTM
NEW ARRIVAL – Syd Putnam – Confirmed with SC Sporthomes Husqvarna
BACK INTO MX2 – Jake Nicholls – Confirmed with Tru7 Honda Racing Academy.
BACK INTO MX2 – Steven Clarke – Confirmed with SAS TPC KTM.
BACK FROM INJURY – Ollie Colmer – Confirmed with K-Tech Aristocars KTM
POSSIBLE WILDCARD – Calum Mitchell – Confirmed with Lexa Racing but only competing at “selected” British events.