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Futures Friday: British Championship Paddock nearly ready to go!

Futures Friday: British Championship Paddock nearly ready to go!

It’s three weeks before the usual launch of the British outdoor Motocross season, the Ashbrook Hawkstone International powered by Syntol, and the picture is nearly complete as to who will be where in 2024!

Words: Ben Rumbold, Featured Image: MXGB

The opening round of MXGP is only two weeks after Hawkstone, but the top British riders who won’t be going to Argentina have got a further month before the Motul Fastest 40 series arrives on Easter weekend, although many will head north to contest the Scottish Championship opener at Tain on the 17th of March, then the scheduled opening round of the new NORA Pro Championship at Oakhanger on the 24th.

Lyng awaits the start of the Dirt Store British Championships at the end of April. (Image: ConwayMX/RHL Activities)

All of those Championships have a second round before the Dirt Store British Championship kicks into life on the 28th of April at the classic venue of Lyng.  So for those riders who have got a little banged up during the Arenacross Tour, including previous MX1 Champions Tommy Searle and Conrad Mewse, have got a bit of recovery time before their next serious title bids begin.

The last few teams that have yet to announce their 2024 intentions include one of the biggest teams in 2023, the ASA United GasGas squad.  With MX1 riders John Adamson and Ivo Monticelli already announced for other teams – Ivo moves away from British Motocross altogether with the factory Beta squad in MXGP – and MX2 spearhead Bobby Bruce moving to Kawasaki, it remains to be seen if they will have a similar effort in 2024.

Harri Kullas has been stunning in Arenacross, and it’s hard to imagine him not lining up for the outdoor British Championships when he’s in this sort of form. (Image: Arenacross UK)

Riders still unannounced in MX1 are down to just Harri Kullas, who could be British Arenacross Champion by the time he rolls up to Hawkstone, Liam Knight, and Ashton Dickinson.  Stuart Edmonds hasn’t officially announced anything but has been appearing online with S Briggs Commercials graphics on his Honda, just like last year.  Maybe Brian Bogers, set to race in the UK with the Revo team until they hit problems, will be an option for ASA?  Their remaining 2023 rider Ben Mustoe is one of just two top 20 MX2 riders from last year to not be placed into a team.  The other is Bailey Johnston, who raced with Verde Shiloh KTM.  Verde also ran Dylan Woodcock for a few rounds last year, so he might be there again 2024.

The SAS TPC KTM squad will also make their presence felt with their new big rig, and their sole focus is on MX2 with Steven Clarke feeling like he has unfinished business in the class, plus Kyle McNicol and Liam Garland looking to get back on track after injury has derailed their careers in recent years.

The 50ft long SAS TPC KTM big rig will be an impressive sight in the paddocks of British Motocross in 2024. (Image: SAS TPC KTM)

Either way, most of the top men are in position in both classes, and MX2 in particular looks wide open with the exit of Isak Gifting to MXGP.  It will be a true youth vs experience battle with Elliott Banks-Browne, Jake Nicholls, and Mel Pocock all trying to make it 2012 again!  Taylor Hammal, Charlie Cole, and the newly-signed Apex Motocross teamster Jamie Wainwright are amongst the 20-somethings in the middle, but many eyes will be on promising teenagers like Billy Askew, Joe Brookes, Charlie Heyman, Ollie Colmer, and Dutch EMX challenger Cas Valk.

In MX1, Conrad’s freak injury (running over his own foot in the Arenacross paddock is the rumoured cause) will fire many pretenders to his throne up to challenge him.  Josh Gilbert will have his pace increased by competing in MXGP as well, but the schedule will be pretty gruelling to do both with Lyng the first of 24 straight racing weekends between April and the Nations at Matterley in early October!  And that includes trips to Indonesia and China!  Searle & Kullas are likely to be right in the hunt, and Tristan Purdon could also be a title threat.

Either way it’s going to be a wild 2024 and we can’t wait to see how things shake out!

1. Conrad Mewse – Confirmed as staying with Crendon Fastrack Honda.
2. Josh Gilbert – Confirmed as moving from Crendon Fastrack Honda to Gabriel SS24 KTM
3. Harri Kullas – Racing Arenacross & Hawkstone with FUS Marsh Husqvarna, but says that the deal is “winter only”.
4. Tristan Purdon – Confirmed as moving from Gabriel SS24 KTM to SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
5. John Adamson – Confirmed with SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
6. Evgeny Bobryshev – Not planning on racing in the UK due to moving to Florida.
7. Jamie Carpenter – Confirmed as racing on his own JC184 KTM team.
8. Brad Todd – Confirmed as staying on a private Honda with support from Apico and Bikesport Honda, but looking for more sponsors!.
9. Tom Grimshaw – Confirmed as moving from Chambers Racing to Apico Honda.
10. Tommy Searle – Confirmed with Dirt Store Kawasaki in MX1.
11. Liam Knight – Unannounced, possibly staying with Gabriel KTM?
12. Ashton Dickinson – Unannounced, TALK Templant KTM team questionable.
13. Ivo Monticelli – Confirmed as leaving the UK to race for Beta in MXGP & Italy.
14. Martin Barr – Confirmed as staying with Apico Factory Racing as they move to Honda.
15. Shaun Simpson – Confirmed as staying with Gabriel SS24 KTM but as Team Manager only, now retired from racing.
16. Stuart Edmonds – Unannounced, but has been on social media practising on a private Honda with S Briggs Commercials graphics.
17. Jason Meara – Confirmed as staying with Moto-Cycle GASGAS.
18. Dan Thornhill – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
19. Miro Sihvonen – Unannounced, but likely to be moving away from British racing.
20. Callum Green – Confirmed as moving from TRU7 Honda to Crendon Fastrack Honda.

NEW INTO MX1: Carlton Husband – Confirmed as moving to MX1 with Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki.
NEW INTO MX1: Sam Nunn – Confirmed as moving to MX1 with John Banks Off-Road Honda.

1. Isak Gifting – Confirmed as moving to MXGP with JK Racing, unlikely to be racing in the UK.
2. Taylor Hammal – Confirmed as moving to TRU7 Honda Racing Academy in MX2
3. Elliott Banks-Browne – Confirmed as staying in MX2 with SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
4. Bobby Bruce – Confirmed as joining Big Van World MTX Kawasaki in the British & World MX2 Championships.
5. Jamie Wainwright – Confirmed with Apex Motocross Racing on a KTM in MX2.
6. Carlton Husband – Confirmed as moving to MX1 with Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki.
7. Charlie Heyman – Confirmed as moving from Tru7 Honda to SC Sporthomes Husqvarna.
8. Sam Nunn – Confirmed as moving to MX1 with John Banks Off-Road Honda.
9. Jorgen-Matthias Talviku – Confirmed as leaving SC Sporthomes Husqvarna for AMA racing.
10. Charlie Cole – Confirmed as staying in MX2, moving from Blades Bikes to Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki.
11. Ben Mustoe – Unannounced, possibly staying with ASA United GASGAS?
12. Joel Rizzi – Confirmed with Dirt Store Kawasaki.
13. Jack Chambers – Confirmed as staying with Big Van World MTX Kawasaki, uncertain about British Champs.
14. Mel Pocock – Confirmed with Dirt Store Kawasaki.
15. Glenn McCormick – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
16. Jake Millward – Not racing for 2024 after complications with his injuries.
17. Ben Franklin – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
18. Bailey Johnston – Unannounced, possibly staying with Verde Shiloh KTM?
19. Joe Brookes – Confirmed as moving to 426 Motorsports KTM.
20. Tommy Searle – see MX1!
21. James Barker – Confirmed with new team AVT Campers KTM.
22. Alfie Jones – Confirmed as staying with Chambers Racing.
23. Dylan Walsh – Confirmed in AMA Supercross with Host Grindstone Kawasaki.

NEW ARRIVAL – Billy Askew – Confirmed with Big Van World MTX Kawasaki.
NEW ARRIVAL – Cas Valk – Confirmed with Gabriel SS24 KTM
NEW ARRIVAL – Syd Putnam – Confirmed with SC Sporthomes Husqvarna
BACK INTO MX2 – Jake Nichols – Confirmed with Tru7 Honda Racing Academy.
BACK INTO MX2 – Steven Clarke – Confirmed with SAS TPC KTM.

BACK FROM INJURY – Ollie Colmer – Confirmed with K-Tech Aristocars KTM
BACK FROM INJURY – Kyle McNicol – Confirmed with SAS TPC KTM
BACK FROM INJURY – Liam Garland – Confirmed with SAS TPC KTM
POSSIBLE WILDCARD – Calum Mitchell – Confirmed with Lexa Racing but only competing at “selected” British events.