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The Stars were out at Route 44! Cumbria MX Club Championship rounds 5 & 6 – Race Report & Results

The Stars were out at Route 44! Cumbria MX Club Championship rounds 5 & 6 – Race Report & Results


This is what motocross for me should be about, mix in the some of the nations best riders, some talented youngsters, kids desperate to ride alongside their hero’s and riders just out to enjoy bike and family time and you have the perfect brew for a weekends racing.

Report and Images by Peter Bell Photography

I’ll wait for someone to name a more stacked Club race line up, including British Motocross Champions, a World Super Enduro Champion, Erzberg Winners, European two-stroke Champion, a woman’s World Enduro Champion, World Downhill competitor, as well as countless entries waiting on the re-start of National Championships.

The Cumbria Mx crew had put some shifts in on the track to make improvements since the last meeting and helped with some Cumbrian natural watering should we say, another bumper entry and again some long distances travelled as the paddock filled up for Saturday morning.

Ricky Barrack flying high in the Auto’s

I’m not sure I have ever seen an Auto ridden so fast as the #983 of Harry Dale, man that machine takes some stick. A 1,1,1 scorecard was well deserved. Making another long trip south to Route44, Scotland’s Ricky Barrock took second overall, and the first podium of many after a consistent day. Vinnie Anderson stood in third place, Etham Gawley was unlucky after a poor moto one but impressed with a 2-2 to end the day.

Hayden Statt was again the one to beat in the 65s class, maximum points and super impressive in doing so and must be in with a championship shout now if he can make the final round. Jole Winstanley Dawson went 3-2-2 to pip Alfie Herron the second on the podium.

As the previous round, the Small Wheel 85 class was definitely one to watch all weekend. It had a different winner this weekend though in Carlisle’s Ryan Waggott who is definitely getting settled in the S/W class. A final Moto win for Josh Vail was not enough to pip Jamie Keith to second on the podium, a very impressive result for Keith in his debut 85 season.

Up next the separate Big Wheel class, and I’m guessing perfect preparation for next weeks Mx Nationals for Billy Askew going 1-1-1 for the overall, ahead of Jake Walker and Max Harris respectively.

One of the long-distance travellers mentioned above was Belfast’s Charley Irwin in the Rookies class, a regular racing in Cumbria and great to see him get maximum points, while getting to grips with the bigger bike. Another only recently making the step up and taking second was Robbie Park, with Adam Nevitt completing the top 3.

All eyes were on the A-class, Searle, Anderson, Law, Bolt, Walker, Bolton, Mitchell, Stevenson, Robson, Joyce, Preston…I could go on. Gates drops, game on. As it turned out, Tommy Searle showed his liking to the Route 44 circuit taking maximum points, including a great moto three battle with Brad Anderson. Billy Bolt is going to have a bash at the Mx Nationals at Hawkstone next weekend and showed some speed taking second overall, and some impressive lap times to boot. Anderson brought the 2banger home in third.

The B class next up, and wanting to remain anonymous and going 2-1-1 according to my laps was ‘Husky’. Matt Huckenhull survived a moto two slight blip to come home second, ahead of the Keswick Kestrel Adam Brayton taking the big red home third, all be it 1 point ahead of Merge Decals Jack Drogan who incidentally designed my logo.

C Class Start

Over 30 C class now, and another maximum point return for Danny Tollett. Local lad Ben Southward followed home in second, while third place went to the returning Daniel Park, who’s return is made even more impressive as he only decided on a come back three weeks ago after 4 or 5 years away.

The last class for Saturday was the Under 30s C class, West Cumbrian Mark Blacklock survived a final moto 5th to take the overall from Sammuel Carruthers on his Yamaha, with Michael Laurie 3rd. Dylan Telford was left to rue 14points in moto 2 affecting his overall after winning motos 1 and 3.

Onto day two and after a heavy night of rain, the Route 44 circuit had taken it well and was set up to be perfect as the day progressed. The big guns had made a night of it and were taking the last chance of race time before they all head to Hawkstone next weekend.

First up again were the Autos and it was Harry Dale once again taking maximum points despite a slow moto one start, and a good battle with Ricky Barrock for the lead. Those mentioned were to finish 1-2 overall ahead of Ethan Gawley, Cobra racer Jude Richards was never far behind though in fourth.

Ryan Waggott

Another busy gate of 65s making light work of the heavy in parts track early on. Once again Hayden Statt was bang on form with yet another 1-1-1 day, behind Statt was a brilliant battle between the next 4, Lucas Lee, Alfie Herron Jole Winstanley-Dawson and Owen Kenningley. It was that order they finished at the close of play, in that mix as well was local Finley Pickering who unfortunately had a DNF in moto 1.

You’ll get bored of me saying this but once again the SW was class. All the way through the field was brilliant close racing, and it went to a final moto shoot-out for the overall between Saturday winner Ryan Waggott and Josh Vail, and it was Vail who only just piped Waggott to the top step,

Cole McCollaugh always was close in third. Jamie Keith was unlucky not the be in the overall mix with a DNF in the final race, and a mention to Jake Robley once again showing his speed despite not racing for well over a year.

Billy Askew was a man on a mission in the big wheel class; maximum points doesn’t tell the full story as a brilliant dash through the pack in race 1 to take the win when all looked lost. The podium was completed by Scottish pair Kerr Thompson and Ryan McKinney. Another rider to rue a midpack finish was Jake Walker, but he finished the day impressively with a 2-2.

Charley Irwin followed on from a max on Saturday with another one on Sunday. Consistent Robbie Park followed him home with Kyle Martin in third. Koby Newbould should have made the podium after 2-2 in the first two motos but suffered an unfortunate DNF in Moto three.

Tommy Searle was again in blistering form in the A class, taking 3 more wins to make the long drive south all that bit easier. Cumbrian Jamie Law will be one to watch in what nationals are remaining this year onboard his 2 stroke. Billy Bolt completed Sundays top 3 with some all-action riding. Mixed in away from the Top 3 were some impressive rides for Jake Preston in 5th, while the fast-starting John Robson lead for a short while in moto2.

World Super Enduro Champion Billy Bolt

The B class next up, and Matt Huckenhull went 1-1-2 for the overall. Joe Ross nipped into second ahead of Moto three winner Jack Drogan in third showing his liking for the mega rough Route44.

Onto the C Over 30 Vets class, and another maximum points haul for the impressive Danny Tollett, Ben Southward once again came home second with West Cumbrian Daniel Park third.

Last up to hit the rough sand was the Under 30s class, Mark Blacklock made light work of conditions to take the overall. Moto 1 winner Sammuel Carruthers took his first moto win in the adult ranks (I think) to come home second overall and Daz Birkbeck in third.

Only one more club weekend to hit Route44 for the season, and we hope for more of the same from this weekend, which has been enjoyed by all.



Autos 1 Harry Dale 2 Ricky Barrock 3 Vinnie Anderson 4 Leo Whittle 5 Jude Richards
65s 1 Hayden Statt 2 Jole Whinstanley Dawson 3 Alfie Herron 4 Kameron Greenhalagh 5 Owen Kenningley
85 SW 1 Ryan Waggott 2 Jamie Keith 3 Josh Vail 4 Cole McCollaugh 5 Brandon Buckley
85BW 1 Billy Askew 2 Jake Walker 3 Max Harris 4 Ryan Mckinney 5 Liam Johnston
Rookies 1 Charley Irwin 2 Robbie Park 3 Adam Nevitt 4 Kyle Martin 5 Tony McCann
A 1 Tommy Searle 2 Billy Bolt 3 Brad Anderson 4 Callum Mitchell 5 Gav Stevenson
B 1 Husky 2 Matt Huckenhull 3 Adam Brayton 4 Jack Drogan 5 Chris Neesan
C Over 1 Danny Tollett 2 Ben Southward 3 Daniel Park 4 Paul Coward 5 Scott Watkinson 5 Clark Davidson
C Under 1 Mark Blacklok 2 Sammuel Carruthers 3 Michael Laurue 4 Daz Brikbeck 5 Jack Sutcliffe


Autos 1 Hary Dale 2 Ricky Barock 3 Ethan Gawley 4 Jude Richards 5 Vinnie Anderson
65s 1 Hayden Statt 2 Lucas Lee 3 Alfie Herron 4 Jole Winstanley Dawson 5 Owen Kenningley
85 SW 1 Josh Vail 2 Ryan Waggott 3 Cole McCollaugh 4 Brandon Buckley 5 Benas Blazevicus
85 BW 1 Billy Askew 2 Kerr Thompson 3 Ryan McKinney 4 Liam Johnston 5 Bradley Johnston
Rookies 1 Charley Irwin 2 Robbie Park 3 Kyle Martin 4 Adam Nevitt 5 Grace Richards
A’s 1 Tommy Searle 2 Jamie Law 3 Billy Bolt 4 Gav Stevenson 5 Jake Preston
B’s 1 Matt Huckenhull 2 Joe Ross 3 Jack Drogan 4 Chris Neesan 5 Michael Graham
C Over 1 Danny Tollett 2 Ben Southward 3 Daniel Park 4 Tony Whitlaw 5 Paul Coward
C Under 1 Mark Blacklock 2 Sammuel Carruthers 3 Daz Birkbeck 4 Dylan Telford 5 Jack Sutcliffe