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Steer me to the win….. Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Rounds 1 & 2 – Race Report & Results

Steer me to the win….. Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Rounds 1 & 2 – Race Report & Results

RAW Enduro are back up and running after some frustrating times for everyone. A Brand new venue in Lincolnshire was used for Rock Oil Round 1 where the Team Steer Sherco Team arrived en masse with a first-class setup and placed solid results.

Walter Dibb

Report by Raw Media – Images courtesy of CH-Images

Richard Moorhouse was the man on the case around the loamy Revesby woods after a race-long battle with teammate Joe Deakin. Timing a backmarker pass to perfection Moorhouse grabbed the Premier win on the very last lap. Declan Helliwell smashed the Expert Class from JSM Gas Gas mounted Dawson Marriott. RAW newcomer Hayden Rainford was delighted to take the Clubman class win describing the race as awesome.

In the Morning race, Nick Barrow was the top sportsman vet closely followed home by Mark Vardy. Daniel Billam was sportsman winner, and the old warhorse Andy dean topped the Over 50 class. In the Youth ranks, Hayden Stansfield set out his Youth A championship intent by taking a solid win in class. Bradley Crabtree was Youth B winner with Jack Wade finally getting his legs on a bigger bike taking the junior win.

One week later and barely letting the Dust settle RAW Enduro rolled into Norwood Teversal for Round 2. Again the Team Steer riders were set to do battle. Joe Deakin was untouchable at Norwood taking the Premier Holeshot and controlling the lead all the way through the 2 hour race. Moorhouse struggled to repeat his round 1 form, instead, Cole Cookland battled for runner up place with Lee Sampson who knows his way around Norwood. An unusually dry Norwood allowed the course to use much more of the venue with lots of fresh trails, the soft tacky bottom woodland was a complete contrast to the hard pack upper side to the venue. Expert rider Rob Francombe is a self-confessed woodland enduro addict, his expert win saw him place P4 overall. Team Steer Sherco rider  Declan Helliwell was runner up in class with Scott Hipwell taking his JSM Gas Gas to a solid runner up spot.

Norwood – Youth Start

RAW Enduro always fields a solid Clubman class, 2021 looks set to be the young guns shoot out all season. Bert Boam took his first big adult win on his RAW Team 150, chased hard by local ace Josh Knight on his Beta 200, only a “safe” Splash and dash hampered Knights attack for the class win. Hayden Rainford placed a great P3 on the day keeping his championship right on track. Callum Davidson made the journey south well worthwhile taking the sportsman win on his 150 KTM.

Daniel Billam R1 winner didn’t see that Davidson was in the running, and had to settle for P2 on the day. RAW Team rider Abbie Piggott took the holeshot and placed her best ever Sportsman result finishing third amongst good company. Nick Barrow repeated his R1 win by a mere 22 seconds at the flag from Kevin Watson. Mark Vardy placed third to take another good haul of Points leaving him second overall in the current standing’s. Ethan Marquiss gains confidence every race, his second year at RAW the lad from the east coast looks set to improve more yet, as the RAW season unfolds in the Novice class.

Abbie Piggott at Norwood

Youth top honours went to Cristina Palmer who showed a clean pair of heels to all the youth riders. Taking the holeshot and a controlled win Cristina’s smile said it all at the finish. Hayden Stansfield was runner up with his riding pal Harry Walker just one minute behind, Walker getting his championship off to a fantastic start. James Lindsay was Youth B winner from Bradley Crabtree, William Atkinson in just his second year riding was super happy with his third-place trophy. Junior rider Walter Dibbs fired his air cooled KTM 50 around to win the junior class from Rueben Readshaw who gains confidence each week. Jake Hannon placed third on the day as he gets his first haul of championship points after a disappointing bike-related DNF at R1.

Bert Boam

The RAW focus now turns to the NEW Metzeler Sprint Series weekender which runs on May 8/9th at Norwood on a revised course. Online entries are now open on the RAW Enduro APP with a two-day registration saving £10 over single-day attendance. Camping permitted for Riders only.

More info on the RAW Enduro APP and Socials @RAWEnduro

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Joe Deakin


Round 1

Adult PM race – Overall

Pos Competitor Class
1 Richie MOORHOUSE Premier
2 Joe DEAKIN Premier
3 Declan HELLIWELL Expert
4 Tom WIDD Premier
5 Dawson MARRIOTT Expert
6 Rob FRANCOMBE Expert
7 Scott HIPWELL Expert
8 Phil HANCOCK Expert
9 James CLARK Expert
10 Jack WINN Expert
11 Oliver AUBONES Expert
12 Hayden RAINFORD Clubman
13 Callum HUGHES Clubman
14 Henry HARMAN Clubman
15 Josh KNIGHT Clubman
16 Bert BOAM Clubman
17 Lee HATTERSLEY Clubman Vets
18 George ENGLAND Clubman
19 Rhys BRADFORD Clubman
20 Cameron MCCANN Clubman
21 Tom SLATER Clubman
22 Oli FRANKLIN Clubman
23 Steve BUTTERFIELD Clubman
24 Simon TATE Clubman Vets
25 Josh HAMILTON Clubman
26 Lee STOYLES Clubman
27 Darren COX Clubman
28 Martin HANCOCK Clubman Vets
29 Ben ASHMORE Clubman
30 Matthew PARKINSON Clubman
31 Chris BAILEY Clubman
32 James DYSON Clubman Vets
33 Brandon BURNS Expert
34 sam LAMPKIN Expert
35 Elliot MILBURN Expert
36 Lee SAMPSON Premier
37 Ben HAMILTON Expert
38 George PEARCE Clubman
39 Chris BELFORD Clubman

Adult AM Race – Overall

Pos Competitor Class
1 Daniel BILLAM Sportsman
2 Carl SMALLEY Sportsman
3 Callum DAVIDSON Sportsman
4 Andy DEAN Over 50
5 Ged HIGGINS Sportsman
6 Nick BARROW Sportsman Vets
7 Mark VARDY Sportsman Vets
8 Murray SHOTTER Over 50
9 Zach ARGRAVE Sportsman
10 Paul CUNNINGHAM Over 50
11 Sean THOMPSON Sportsman
12 Andrew MURDOCH Sportsman
13 Rob SWINBANK 1 Over 50
14 Mark PECKITT Over 50
15 Abbie PIGGOTT Sportsman
16 Rob GREGORY Over 50
17 Chris VINES Sportsman Vets
18 Lucas TRAVERS Sportsman
19 Damian DICKENSON Sportsman Vets
20 Russell COLE Sportsman Vets
21 Joseph HOWSAM Novice
22 Ashley JONES Sportsman
23 Simon HANCOCK Sportsman
24 Andy WILLIAMS Sportsman Vets
25 Fred FARQUAHARSON Sportsman Vets
26 Connor GULBRANDSEN Novice
27 Joe GILL Novice
28 Oliver YEARDLEY Novice
29 Alex BERRY Novice
30 Ethan MARQUIS Novice
31 James FISHER Novice
32 Sonny NOLASTNAME Sportsman
33 Mark HORROBIN Over 50
34 Alex CLARK Novice
35 Maxwell PINNEY Novice
36 Gary RICHARDSON Over 50
37 Jamie LONGDEN Novice
38 Tom STEPHENS Novice
39 Luke LAVELL Novice
40 Paul RAMM Novice
41 Nathan DESSIMONE Novice
42 Nick CLAYTN Sportsman
43 Richard BALDIN Sportsman
44 Luke NORTH Novice
45 Declan SEWED Novice
46 Peter LONGDEN Novice
47 Rad HUGHES Sportsman Vets
48 Kyle HENDY Novice
49 Peter ROBINSON Novice
50 Robert SHANN Novice
51 Nick CHESTER Novice
52 Rosie MCDOWELL Novice
53 Tom SANDERSON Novice
54 Paul HILL Over 50
55 Andrew CASTLE Novice

Youth Race – Overall

Pos Competitor Class
1 Hayden STANSFIELD Youth A
2 Ryan STONELEY Youth A
3 Finn CAVANAGH Youth A
4 Karl HANCOCK Youth A
5 Robbie DAVIDSON Youth A
6 James MEAKIN Youth A
7 Evan SHARPE Youth A
8 Bradley CRABREE Youth B
9 Brooke MUDIE Youth B
10 Ross HODGSON Youth A
11 Tobias STANSFIELD Youth A
12 Connor PICKERING Youth A
13 Jack WADE Junior Auto
14 Walter DIBB Junior Auto
15 Skye JONES Junior Auto
16 Lily MARSHALL Youth A
17 Joey JONES Junior Auto

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Round 2

Adult PM race – Overall

Pos Competitor Class
1 Joe DEAKIN Premier
2 Cole COOKLAND Premier
3 Lee SAMPSON Premier
4 Rob FRANCOM Expert
5 Richard MOORHOUSE Premier
6 Declan HELLIWELL Expert
7 Scott HIPWELL Expert
8 Jason Hirst Expert
9 Bert BOAM Clubman
10 James CLARK Expert
11 Josh Knight Clubman
12 Aiden RAINFORD Clubman
13 Chris BAILEY Clubman
14 Phil HANCOCK Expert
15 Tom WIDD Premier
16 Henry Harman Clubman
17 George ENGLAND Clubman
18 Reece Emson Clubman
19 Cory COOKLAND Clubman
20 Oliver ALLBONES Expert
21 George PEARCE Clubman
22 Elliott WOODALL Clubman
23 Cameron MCANN Clubman
24 Ricky TROPMAN Clubman Vets
25 Lee STOYLES Clubman
26 Richard HALLAM Clubman Vets
27 Neil Marshall Clubman Vets
28 Oli FRANKLIN Clubman
29 Lewis Helliwell Clubman
30 Simon TATE Clubman Vets
31 Martin HANCOCK Clubman Vets
32 Tom HUNT Clubman
33 Callum HUGHES Clubman
34 James DYSON Clubman Vets
35 Jack WINN Expert
36 Josh HAMILTON Clubman

Adult AM Race – Overall

Pos Competitor Class
1 Callum DAVIDSON Sportsman
2 Daniel BILLAM Sportsman
3 Abbie PIGGOTT Sportsman
4 Ged LITTLEWOOD Sportsman
5 Andy Dean Over 50’s
6 Nick BARROW Sportsman Vets
7 Mark ANTHONY Over 50’s
8 Kevin WATSON Sportsman Vets
9 Sean THOMPSON Sportsman
10 Lucas TRAVERS Sportsman
11 Mark VARDY Sportsman Vets
12 Zach ARGRAVE Sportsman
13 Lee HUTSBY Sportsman Vets
14 Jake WHITE Sportsman
15 Russell COLE Sportsman Vets
16 Mark PECKITT Over 50’s
17 Simon HANCOCK Sportsman
18 Ethan MARQUIS Novice
19 Sonny LEIGH Sportsman
20 Chris VINES Sportsman Vets
21 Andy WILLIAMS Sportsman Vets
22 Wayne GURNHILL Sportsman Vets
23 Thomas JAMES Novice
24 Simon Cadman Sportsman
25 Paul RAMM Novice
26 Nigel FOX Over 50’s
27 Dave BELLAMEY Sportsman
28 William JOHNSON Novice
29 Steven DEAN Sportsman Vets
30 Jon MALONE Over 50’s
31 Connor FRETTSOME Novice
32 Paul HAGUE Novice
33 Fred FARQUHARSON Sportsman Vets
34 Luke LAVELL Novice
35 Joe GILL Novice
36 Nathan DESSIMONE Novice
37 Scott COCKER Sportsman Vets
38 Ross GILLOTT Novice
39 Kyle HENDY Novice
40 Jason CLARKE Sportsman Vets
41 Martyn THOMAS Sportsman Vets
42 Richard BALDWIN Sportsman
43 Jamie LONGDEN Novice
44 Ross HODGSON Novice
45 Peter LONGDEN Novice
46 Kieron Norburn Sportsman
47 Alex WILSON Novice
48 Mark STUART Novice
49 Declan SEWED Novice
50 Damian DICKINSON Sportsman Vets
51 Rad Hughes Sportsman Vets
52 Boden HUNT Novice
53 Emily TROPMAN Novice
54 Paul HILL Over 50’s
55 Tom SANDERSON Novice
56 Matt WAKEFIELD Sportsman
57 Andrew Castle Novice
58 Nick CHESTER Novice
59 Dean BROMLEY Sportsman
60 Rob LITTLE Sportsman Vets
61 Rosie MCDOWELL Novice

Youth Race – Overall

Pos Competitor Class
1 Cristina Palmer Youth A
2 Hayden Stansfield Youth A
3 Harry WALKER Youth A
4 James LINDSAY Youth B
5 Robbie DAVIDSON Youth A
6 Karl HANCOCK Youth A
7 Evan SHARPE Youth A
8 Bradley CRABTREE Youth B
9 Tobias STANSFIELD Youth A
10 Walter DIBBS Junior A
11 William ATKINSON Youth B
12 Rueben READSHAW Junior A
13 Bryce HELLIWELL Youth B
14 Jake Hannon Junior A
15 Dan Garside Youth B
16 Lily MARSHALL Youth A