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Running for the Hills! Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship Round 5 – Rundown, Results and Pictures

Running for the Hills! Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship Round 5 – Rundown, Results and Pictures

The weather was hot bright and sunny and for the Sudbury Motorcycle Club organised 5th round of the GH Motorcycles Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship Round at Home Farm in Hadham Hertfordshire.

Report and Images by Paula Day Photography

The six-mile course across beautiful Hertfordshire farmland was interrupted with welcome shady wooded sections and several bogs. The 5 classes ran concurrently in this timecard event. With ever decreasing time limits given for each lap of the hard fast course, championship and expert riders completed 9 laps and all other classes 7 laps over the day with the time-consuming bogs catching many out as the riders entered the bottle neck of the woods.

With just 2 more rounds to go in this Championship the points are stacking up for class leaders;

Championship 1st Ben Clark Braintree 81 points, 2nd Luke Parker Norwich 77 points, 3rd Will Hughes Braintree 48 points and 4th Jamie Roper Sudbury 45 points.

Expert 1st James Yearley Braintree 82 points, 2nd Joe Henthorn Sudbury 56 points and 3rd Jack Edwards Diss 53 points.

Expert Vet 1st Julian Harvey Ipswich 72 points, 2nd Phil Roper Sudbury 70 points and 3rd Paul Spurgeon Woodbridge 68 points.

Clubman 1st Billy Sargeant 54 points, 2nd Dan Hills 47 points, 3rd Frazer Lawrence 37 points, 4th Adam Tutton 34 points, 5th Lloyd Barker 31, 6th Charlie Aldridge 28 points ALL SUDBURY MCC members

Clubman Vet 1st Dan Rose Woodbridge 97 points 2nd Keith Maude Sudbury 55 points and 3rd Jason Carsboult Sudbury 38 points.

Clubman Super Vet 1st John Hilton 73 points, 2nd Jez Moss 60 points, 3rd Paul Belton 55 points, 4th Graham Mays 53 points All Sudbury members

Round 5 Results


1st Luke Parker
2nd Ben Cole
3rd Ben Clark
4th Will Hughes
5th Jake Nicholls
6th Jamie Roper


1st James Yearley
2nd Jack Berry
3rd Joe Henthorn
4th Stevie Roper
5th Shaun Leggett
6th Toby Rogers


1st Daniel Hills
2nd Lloyd Barker
3rd Adam Tutton
4th Scott Chaplin
5th Billy Sargeant
6th William Belton


1st Phil Roper
2nd Stephen Revett
3rd Julian Harvey
4th Paul Spurgeon
5th Kevin Silvain


1st Paul Belton
2nd Graham mays
3rd Wayne Barker
4th John Hilton
5th Andrew Arden
6th Gene Womack