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Champs assemble! 2023 Eastern Centre Enduro Championship Awards Night – Report & Results

Champs assemble! 2023 Eastern Centre Enduro Championship Awards Night – Report & Results

The Limes Hotel in Needham Market proved to be a popular venue as the biking community of the Eastern Centre turned out for a lively forum followed by the annual awards ceremony for the 120-plus members who turned out, collected awards, and contributed during the evening.

Words and Images by Paula Day Photography

With various rule changes and updates dealt with, it was discussed how we can encourage more of our younger grassroots riders to enrol to race and enjoy the sport as the youth series is officially taken on board, Sudbury MCC who have been pioneers for bringing on younger riders and will hold 6 of the 7 events in addition to Bury MCC hosting a round at Hawkenden in April.

With 7 Youth events confirmed for the 2024 season with a popular prize giving ceremony after each race for each section all kindly Sponsored by GH Motorcycles and GB Finch the interest so far is promising.

Jamie Roper and Will Hughes – 2 Man Championship winners

It is hoped with careful calendar planning the clashes of Motocross and Enduro will be fewer and the familiar faces in the top ranks of Motocross will again grace the top spots in the 2 man series sponsored by Dave Barkshire Motorcycles, which sadly suffered with lower entries last year resulting in the cancellation of a couple of events.

Eastern Solo Clubman Champion Billy Sargeant

It was discussed how we can encourage riders to enter as a fun event to do with friends who may normally just do track days as a step up in addition to the serious competitors chasing the points in a championship class, this will hopefully reverse the falling entries for some of the dates and keep the 2 man Championship series afloat.

Eastern Solo Clubman Over 40 Champion Dan Rose

Thanks were paid to the hardworking committee members who keep the eastern centre up to date & ensure smooth running of an action-packed calendar as we look forward to a new season.

Eastern Solo Expert Champion James Yearley


3rd – Shaun Woodrow Chris Wright
2nd Graham Mays Paul Belton
1st Will Belton Fraser Lawrence

3rd Jack Edwards Albert Van Dyke
2nd Jonny Finch Daniel Hills
1st Kelvin Vant Billy Sargeant

3rd Ross Taylor Ed Pooley
2nd Jack Nicolau Ben Clark
1st Will Hughes Jamie Roper

Eastern Solo Supervets Champion John Hilton

BEC E1 Clubmam 4/S Adam Durkin
BEC EI Expert Will Hughes
BEC Championship U23 Ben Clark
BEC Over 40 3rd James Yearley

Outstanding Performance – Nieve Holmes

Eastern Solo Expert Over 40 Champion Julian Harvey


3rd Paul Belton
2nd Jez Moss
1st John Hilton

Clubman Over 40
3rd Adam Kempster
2nd Keith Maude
1st Dan Rose

3rd Lewis Holmes
2nd Danial Hills
1st Billy Sargeant

Expert Over 40
3rd Paul Spurgeon
2nd Phil Roper
1st Julian Harvey

3rd Jack Edwards
2nd Joe Henthorn
1st James Yearley

3rd Ben Cole
2nd Ben Clark
1st Luke Parker