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Rising Star with Connor Gulbrandsen

Rising Star with Connor Gulbrandsen

Multi-talented off-roader and 11-year-old Enduro & Arenacross power blaster Connor Gulbrandsen is the latest Rising Star to be grilled by us and here is how the interview went…

Feature Image courtesy of J.W Forysth Photography

What bike do you ride? 2019 Ktm 85 Sx small wheel

How and when did you start riding? I started at 5 when my dad bought me a little Honda 50cc auto

What made you choose Enduro? Enduro was safer than MX my dad said!

Where was your first race? My first race was at Kilburn on my Klx 110 auto against a whole gaggle of riders on 65cc 2t bikes and I got destroyed as my 4t was no match for 2t bikes

When and where was your first race win? Kirton Offroad was my first win ever on my 65cc bike and on my 10th birthday

Which rider has influenced you the most and why? My favourite rider is Manni Lettenbichler as he’s done so much at such a young age

Image Courtesy of J.W Forysth Photography

Where’s the coolest place and track you’ve ridden? Favourite place I’ve ever ridden was Arenacross in Sheffield in 2019 in front of 6000 fans

Outside of Enduro who is your sporting hero? Outside enduro my favourite sportsperson is Valentino Rossi

What country would you like to visit that you haven’t yet and why? I’ve been so lucky to have travelled loads including Australia and Singapore etc I’d like to visit Canada to snowboard with my dad and big brother

Name one thing you don’t like and explain why? I don’t like rude people without any manners

What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? The last thing I watched on YouTube was Fortnite

What’s been your biggest achievement so far? My biggest achievement so far was being invited to race Arenacross in 2019

What is your most treasured possession? Most treasured possession so far was most improved rider if the year in 2018 trophy voted for by all staff at Edge

If you didn’t want to be a pro enduro rider, what would you like to be? Pro gamer or pro snowboarding

Finish the sentence. “I feel good when I…….” I beat older more experienced riders