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Rising Star of the DTRA Fergus Bluff!

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Rising Star of the DTRA Fergus Bluff!


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Flat Track racer Fergus Bluff is a 17-year-old from Alford, Lincolnshire and is the first rider to interviewed by Max Inman for our Rising Stars feature, and I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to see how the DTRA young guns get on in their first adult season.

Interview by Max Inman – Images courtesy of Braking Point Images

Dirt Hub: How did you get into racing?

Fergus: I got into racing through my cousins, Freddie and Toby Hales. Going to watch them got me interested very quickly.

DH: Where was your first race?

Fergus: My first race was at Greenfield Dirt Track, my home track in Lincolnshire.

DH: What bike did you ride in your debut race?

Fergus: The first bike I raced was my Yamaha TTR 100.

DH: What was your first bike?

Fergus: The first bike I ever owned was a Magnum Puch 50 which I bought from Toby for £100 when I was 8 years old.

DH: Where was your first podium?

Fergus: My first ever was Greenfield in an evening race. I won all my races on my TTR 100 in the junior class.

Rising star of the DTRA Fergus Bluff

DH: What is your most memorable racing moment?

Fergus: I will always remember racing Jack Bell at Amman Valley last season, it was probably the best race I’ve had. We were both neck and neck down the back straight, battling for the win at the only 1/2 Mile track the DTRA races at in the UK.

DH: What is your favourite track?

Fergus: Greenfield Dirt Track, closely followed by Amman Valley. I chose Greenfield because it is my home track, where I have ridden the most and is the only purpose-built flat track in Britain, all the others are either speedway or trotting tracks.
Greenfield is also great for spectating, in my opinion, it has the best atmosphere and arguably the largest crowds.

DH: What is your favourite bike you’ve ever raced?

Fergus: My KX85 which I completed my first full season on. It also helped having a hand setting it up from the expert, George Pickering.

DH: What age did you start riding?

Fergus: I started riding when I was 8, visiting my cousins and messing about with them on their bikes, later that afternoon was when I bought Toby’s bike.  I started racing when I was 11 at Mablethorpe Beach Racing although I did not start flat track until I was 14.

DH: Where do you see your racing career in ten years?

Fergus: Hopefully competing for the DTRA National Championship in the pro class.

DH: Who inspires you to race?

Fergus: Toby Hales, nothing inspires me more than seeing him win.

DH: What are the biggest challenges you face as a young racer?

Fergus: Persuading my parents to let me go and fork out money to pay for it. But also finding time around my school work to go racing.

DH: What is the best place you’ve ever ridden?

Fergus: Rocco’s Ranch in Spain, I was lucky enough to ride there earlier this year with a lot of my DTRA friends. The large track with long sweeping corners makes it very fun to ride. Alcaras is another one, also in Spain. The track is located in a motorsports complex on the edge of a mountain.

DH: What is the best tip you’ve ever been given?

Fergus: ‘Stop looking backwards, focus on your own line’ from Steve Nicholls.

DH: Do you take part in any other sports other than flat track?

Fergus: I race at Mablethorpe Beach and some motocross when I can. I have also played football and cricket for local teams since a young age so if I’m not riding you’ll find me playing one of those.

DH: How do you prepare for race day?

Fergus: I get my bike prepared which usually involves a trip to see George Pickering and Steve Nicholls. They help set up the bike ready to race. I pack everything I need for the race the night before, so I am not worrying about it on race day. I sometimes watch old race videos from the track that I’m going to be racing. This helps me visualise the track and see the best racing lines.

DH: What is it you enjoy most about racing with the DTRA?

Fergus: I enjoy the adrenaline rush you get when you’re sat on the line waiting for the green light. But DTRA wouldn’t be the same without the people and atmosphere, there’s no other motorsport like it.

DH: Who has had the biggest impact on your racing career?

Fergus: George Pickering, he has helped me with a lot from the beginning whether it was setting the bike up or allowing me to ride and join Team Greenfield. And I know I’m not the only one he does this for, so thanks a lot George. Steve Nicholls has also been helpful, giving me advice every time I ride to improve my riding.

DH: In your opinion, what do you think will happen to UK Flat Track in the future?

Fergus: I think the DTRA will carry on growing and encourage even more people to join the club and grow the sport. Then this would attract more spectators and sponsorship for the DTRA.

DH: And how would your answer to the previous question affect your career?

Fergus: I think it would make the racing more competitive. Hopefully, with Anthony and Anna at the forefront of the DTRA it will continue to grow but still be an inclusive race championship with a friendly atmosphere.