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Rising Star – Cooper Rushen

Rising Star – Cooper Rushen

Cooper Rushen at just 10 years old already has four British Grasstrack titles under his belt so is certainly one of the biggest Rising Stars in the sport…

Let’s find out more about him…

What bike do you ride? 2 x 150 Takegawas for Grasstrack and 2 x YX 125s for Speedway

How and when did you start riding? At the age of 3 in my garden I started on a quad then started racing solos at 6 years old

What was your first bike? Pw50

What made you choose Grasstrack / Speedway? Because my dad rode this sport

Where was your first race? Chelmsford, Essex

When and where was your first race win? First meeting ever at Chelmsford, Essex

Which rider has influenced you the most and why? Patrick Dudek from Poland has an amazing style

Where’s the coolest place and track you’ve ridden? Belle Vue Speedway track

Outside of Grasstrack / Speedway who is your sporting hero? Jordan Pickford the England goalkeeper

What country would you like to visit that you haven’t yet and why? Germany because the tracks look amazing

Name one thing you don’t like and explain why? Covid because we couldn’t go racing

What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? Seb Delanie

What’s been your biggest achievement so far? Winner the British title 4 times in a row

What is your most treasured possession? My trophies that are in a cabinet in the workshop

What is currently your favourite song? The Wellerman

If you didn’t want to be a pro grasstrack rider, what would you like to be? An actor

Finish the sentence. “I feel good when I…….” win a race