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Magic Morgan tames KORC! British Quad XC Championship Round 1 – Race Report & Results

Magic Morgan tames KORC! British Quad XC Championship Round 1 – Race Report & Results

Round 1 of the Nora Motorsport ATVs Only British XC Championship took place at KORC Sport in Gainsborough after a delayed start to the Championship Schedule due to the ongoing restrictions.

Report by Ashley Holt – Images courtesy of Lisa-Ann Williams-Holt

The weather at the weekend was a huge factor played a huge factor as the amount of rain that fell on Saturday was nearly enough to halt proceedings but KORC is a superb all-weather venue, and it was all systems go come Sunday morning after some hard work by the track team as dawn broke.

The riders were to tackle a course over 7.5KM long with every type of enduro terrain you could wish for.

The Youth Race was first to go on Sunday morning, over 1.5 hrs in the toughest conditions of the day, in the 250cc Hybrid class Ollie Pinder took his maiden victory.

James Maybury took control of the 250cc Air Cooled class and was leading by the end of lap 1 from Cai Evans and Louie Holt, at the flag James had a commanding lead to take the win, Louie Holt was 2nd with Cai Evans rounding out the podium having all completed 6 laps.

In the 125cc class it was an unfortunate day for both riders with Ronnie Burnett and Owen Stephens both registering a DNF.

The MINI Quad Race for riders aged 5-9 took place over a shortened course for 30 Minutes albeit no less of a challenge in the tricky muddy conditions a Win in the 100cc Class for Joseph Hayes with Oliver Wilshere taking 1st in 90cc class aboard his Yamaha, and in the 50cc class it was William Pinder taking 1st place. All the Mini Quad Riders did fantastic just to finish and all deserve a big congratulations!

Prior to the Adult Race starting the Rider briefing was held and the club paid tribute to long standing Member Derek Burns who had tragically passed away doing what he loved a few weeks previous. Clerk of the Course Ashley Holt made a short speech and the paddock fell silent for a minute’s silence in honour of Derek.

The Adults had a much better track in the afternoon and the Expert Plus Class led away with Jamie Morgan taking an early lead over the rest of the pack, Jamie settled in and took the Expert Plus win and the overall on the day, Jonny Kelly from Ireland making his DQR debut was 2nd and Joshua Waring was 3rd.

Jake Best Stepped up from Sportsman to Expert and took his debut win in the class with Tom Stevens in 2nd.  C

Bradley Johnson back racing after taking last season off returned in fine form to take the win ahead of Daniel Evans in 2nd and Paul Robinson 3rd.

In the Sportsman class, it was a win for Andy Price with young Tom Bishop 2nd and Kevin Wilcock in 3rd.

Neil Martin on his return to DQR action was the 4×4 Light’s winner with Stuart Mowbray in 2nd.

In the 4×4 Clubman class Harry Stevens finished on 12 laps to take the win having won the Lights championship in 2020 took 1st place with Laura Linton 2nd and Joe Bacon rounding out the podium.

The 4×4 expert class was as competitive as always, Simon David took the win and 2nd overall and the at the Flag, Graham Guy was 2nd and Kevin Watson was 3rd.

It was a fitting tribute on the day that both Harry and Simon won their respective 4×4 classes on bikes which had the suspension tuned and developed by Derek Burns who was an outstanding engineer.

The club must also thank the team from EMS for their actions on the day after a Rider had an unfortunate off in the opening laps of the Adult Race, we could not run these events without the great team of medics that we have and the support of the NHS Doctors and Medics from the Air Ambulance.

The club would like to send our best wishes to John Page and his family, and we hope he has a speedy recovery.

Well done to all the winners today and each and every rider who took part!

A big Thanks to our Title Sponsor ATV’s Only and associate GML ATV for the support this season and to all our class sponsors, Rapid Recovery, Lockett Plant Hire, AJ Wilcock, PBR Electrical, Quadzilla, Premier Products, White Construction and Pool Bridge Campsite Exmoor.


Adult Overall

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Jamie Morgan 0 13
2 Simon David 1 lap 12
3 Graham Guy 1 lap 12
4 Jonny Kelly 1 lap 12
5 Harry Stevens 1 lap 12
6 Kevin Watson 1 lap 12
7 Joshua Waring 2 laps 11
8 Bradley Johnson 2 laps 11
9 Jake Best 2 laps 11
10 Neil Martin 2 laps 11
11 Laura Linton 2 laps 11
12 Tiago Gomes 2 laps 11
13 Daniel Evans 2 laps 11
14 Jack Naylor 3 laps 10
15 Tom Stevens 3 laps 10
16 Paul Robinson 3 laps 10
17 Michael Pittaway 3 laps 10
18 Joe Bacon 4 laps 9
19 Stuart Mowbray 4 laps 9
20 Andy Price 4 laps 9
21 Ryan Rogers 4 laps 9
22 Tom Bishop 5 laps 8
23 Steve Atkins 6 laps 7
24 Kev Wilcock 7 laps 6
25 Harry Hinkley 7 laps 6
26 Stefan Cook 7 laps 6

Adult by class

Expert Plus

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Jamie Morgan 13
2 Jonny Kelly 1 lap 12
3 Joshua Waring 2 laps 11
4 Tiago Gomes 2 laps 11
5 Jack Naylor 3 laps 10

4×4 Expert 1000cc

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Simon David 12
2 Graham Guy 02:24.8 12
3 Kevin Watson 09:08.1 12
4 Steve Atkins 5 laps 7
5 Harry Hinkley 6 laps 6

4×4 Clubman

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Harry Stevens 12
2 Laura Linton 1 lap 11
3 Joe Bacon 3 laps 9
4 Stefan Cook 6 laps 6


Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Bradley Johnson 11
2 Daniel Evans 11:07.1 11
3 Paul Robinson 1 lap 10
4 Michael Pittaway 1 lap 10
5 Ryan Rogers 2 laps 9


Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Jake Best 11
2 Tom Stevens 1 lap 10

4×4 Lights 750

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Neil Martin 11
2 Stuart Mowbray 2 laps 9


Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Andy Price 9
2 Tom Bishop 1 lap 8
3 Kev Wilcock 3 laps 6

Youth Overall

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 James Maybury 0 6
2 Louie Holt 11:20.9 6
3 Cai Evans 11:50.6 6
4 Oliver Pinder 1 lap 5
5 Morgan Junge 1 lap 5
6 Alix Edmed-Kellaway 2 laps 4
7 Freddie Robinson 3 laps 3
8 Mathew Merry 3 laps 3
9 Liam Mcgowan 4 laps 2

Mini Quads

Pos Competitor Diff Laps
1 Joseph Hayes 0 3
2 William Pinder 01:44.0 3
3 Harry Barker 03:42.8 3
4 Luca Balsano 1 lap 2
5 Jaxon-Blu Butcher 1 lap 2
6 Oliver Willsher 1 lap 2
7 Tyler Willcock 1 lap 2