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Jacks back! Lincolnshire Enduro Championship Round 6 – Race Report and Results

Jacks back! Lincolnshire Enduro Championship Round 6 – Race Report and Results


Duck Smart

There are around a dozen places called Ashby in the UK. No doubt, most of them are very quaint and very quiet. One of them that wasn’t so quiet on Sunday however was Ashby Peurorum in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Report by Martin Southwick – Images courtesy of Graeme Taylor

At 10.30, (and in perfect conditions) the village reverberated to the sound of over 100 enduro bikes in the penultimate round of the LEC/Gear4’s 2021 Hare and Hounds series. In an event that was different to previous visits (in that most of the field sections were cut out), Expert Jack Rowland sped out of the blocks and sealed his second win of the year.

Running over a mixed 4.5 mile course with local plantations, scrubland and a Moto X track to boot, Jack and second placed man Elliot Milburn were the only lads in class to attain 16 laps on the day. Whilst Jack doesn’t appear at the top of the leader board for the year, Elliot’s runner up spot sees him move into second place overall. Danny Caitlin who has won the last two races managed a third this time out but still retains his position on the leader board for 2021. It is close for the title though; just eleven points split the top three. With just three hours of the season left, it’s all building up to the title decider in a few weeks.

Probably one of the rides of the day came in the Clubman class. The winner of the group (And a rider who would have finished second in the Experts class) was a lad who had never been in an enduro event until Sunday. In these races where a lot of close finishes are seen, Aaron Cummins seemed to make light work of the three hours racing and managed two more laps that his nearest rivals. (Sixteen). Toby Hales, who was laying in second place for the year by some twelve points, has now narrowed that gap to within two points with his runner up spot on Sunday. Gregory Sims still leads the class table but with a fifth on Sunday, other riders are neatly placed and waiting in the wings should he slip up in a months time. Stephen Baldock was third on the day.

The Sportsman 2T class was the biggest class on the day. It was though, pretty much the usual protagonists at the sharp end. With his third victory of the year, Ryan Overton has now stretched his tender lead for the years title. With only Ryan and second placed man Jake Norton on fourteen laps, the gap between them was a shade over one minute at the end. Jakes ride has kept the pressure on Ryan for 2021 as he stays in second place. Choose one of these two for the spoils this year, it doesn’t look like they can be caught at all. Mathew Valentine sees himself move up a place for the year, with a solid “Bronze” on Sunday.

Steve Hollis . .No 133 and Jules Croft (No 557) having their own private battle in the Over 50’s class.

There was a very mixed bag in the Over 40’s class. The top four riders all had fourteen laps at the end of one hundred and eighty minutes. And, whilst Lee Hattersley’s winning margin victory was quite significant (by some ten minutes in fact), the second and third placed riders were only separated by a mere ten seconds. Duncan Oliver was second and Dean Kent in third. This has done Lee’s title hopes a whole lot of good. He has now leap-frogged into the lead for the Over 40’s title. Darren Thorpe who had been leading, couldn’t keep up his good form and slips into second spot for the year. With his third place, Dean further cements his position with a similar position for the year-end.

The closest title race must surely be in the Sportsman 4T class. With his second victory on the trot, Alex Shaw has shot up the leader board and now leads the way. (66 points) But, it’s only by a short head (Okay, a mudguard !). Joe Tapper with a third on Sunday has moved up one spot to second place. However, he is not alone with that points tally (64). David Richman who has been leading the way has the same amount of points as Joe now, due to being a lap down on the first three riders on the day. Adam Reavill was second home, on the same amount of laps as Alex, but some three minutes adrift. This is surely one class to watch out for in November.

Aaron Cummings winner of the Clubman class

What looked like a certain title for the year may now look in doubt. In the Over 50’s class, Alan Vissian has done what no other class leader has done this year; won every race! However, with Alan not racing on Sunday, it gave others a chance to gain maximum points. With a victory on the day, Alan Shepherd did just that. That has now put him just two points adrift of Alan Vissian and a title bid next month. Mark Peckitt was second on the day which pretty much seals him a top three place for the year. Jules Croft was third.

In the Trail/Classic class, Carl Smalley won, with Steve Kemp in second and Shaun Avison third.

Once again, to prove that age isn’t a barrier when it comes to competing, there was a healthy lineup in the Over 60’s class. Keith Townsend took the spoils with twelve laps and a further lap down, Anthony Williamson. John Cotterill was third. Any of these riders can still be the title winner for the year.

Perhaps at the other end of the scale, there was also a thriving list of Beginners on the start line. Hats off to you guys. The club hopes to see you at the next race. That race is on the 7th of November at Dembleby Heath. Details of the club are here . . . https://www.facebook.com/groups/LincolnshireEnduroClub/

Entries are already available here, on the ACU website. . .https://www.acu.org.uk/events/November-2021/Lincolnshire-Enduro-Club/Enduro/Dembleby-Heath-Farm-ACU61757.aspx


Position Rider Name Category
1 Jack Rowland Expert
2 Aaron Cummins Clubman
3 Elliot Milburn Expert
4 Danny Catlin Expert
5 Jake Wright Expert
6 Dan Johnson Expert
7 Mark Lonsdale Expert
8 Simon Bland Expert
9 Toby Hales Clubman
10 Steven Baldock Clubman
11 Darren Cox Clubman
12 Lee Hattersley Over 40
13 Mark Hawkins Expert
14 Gregory Sims Clubman
15 Matthew Parkinson Clubman
16 James Palmer Clubman
17 Ian Shepherd Over 50
18 Ryan Overton Sportsman 2 T
19 Mark Peckitt Over 50
20 Jake Norton Sportsman 2 T
21 Duncan Oliver Over 40
22 Dean Kent Over 40
23 Jason Cowlishaw Over 40
24 Jules Croft Over 50
25 Thomas Hobbs Clubman
26 Justin Lawson Over 40
27 Stephen Johnson Over 50
28 Jack Harrison Clubman
29 Carl Smalley Trail / Classic
30 Matthew Valentine Sportsman 2 T
31 Chris Belford Clubman
32 Alex Shaw Sportsman 4 T
33 Adam Reavill Sportsman 4 T
34 Joe Tapper Sportsman 4 T
35 William Tarrant Sportsman 2 T
36 Joshua Everett Sportsman 2 T
37 Callum Bates Clubman
38 Tony Woods Over 40
39 David Rushton Expert
40 Steven Dickinson Over 50
41 Leon Dolby Over 40
42 Spencer Barlow Over 40
43 Colin Nockles Sportsman 2 T
44 Archie Kirk Sportsman 2 T
45 Aaron Bourne Expert
46 Martin Southwick Over 50
47 James Curry Sportsman 2 T
48 Keith Townsend Over 60
49 David Richman Sportsman 4 T
50 Kyle Jenkins Sportsman 4 T
51 Keith Rowland Over 50
52 Radley Hughes Over 40
53 Kevin Robertson Over 40
54 Daniel Ingham Sportsman 2 T
55 Ross Bentley Sportsman 2 T
56 Andrew Smith Sportsman 2 T
57 Dean Dixon Sportsman 2 T
58 Stephen Slater Sportsman 4 T
59 Ian Boam Sportsman 2 T
60 Callum Cowlishaw Beginner
61 Simon Owen Sportsman 4 T
62 Rik Stoney Over 50
63 Justin Scottmurphy Over 40
64 Neil Stanlake Sportsman 2 T
65 Steve Langley Over 50
66 Steve Hollis Over 50
67 Brad Perkins Clubman
68 Robert Wilson Sportsman 4 T
69 Stephen Kemp Trail / Classic
70 Anthony Williamson Over 60
71 Darren Thorpe Over 40
72 Shaun Avison Trail / Classic
73 William Ashmore Sportsman 4 T
74 Richard Vawser Sportsman 4 T
75 Mike Livsey Beginner
76 Alistair Pattison Sportsman 2 T
77 Kevin Crown Over 50
78 Tim Sparkes Sportsman 2 T
79 Paul Redford Over 50
80 Andrew Castle Beginner
81 finley cheyne Sportsman 2 T
82 John Cotterill Over 60
83 Dan Green Clubman
84 Andrew Cheyne Sportsman 2 T
85 Harry Meanwell Clubman
86 Andrew Burchnall Over 40
87 Thomas Carter Sportsman 4 T
88 Luke Townsend Beginner
89 Kevin Dennis Over 40
90 Philip Tinker Beginner
91 Spencer Smith Beginner
92 Jack Samways Beginner
93 Thomas Lenagh Sportsman 4 T
94 Andrew Ward Sportsman 2 T
95 Edward Ashmore Sportsman 2 T
96 Paul Snell Over 50
97 Ryan Armstrong Sportsman 2 T
98 Connor Tomlinson Sportsman 2 T
99 Miles Dolphin Expert
100 Dan Brown Sportsman 4 T
101 Ryan Mee Sportsman 2 T
102 Henry Davies Sportsman 4 T