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Introducing you to Sean Vose. His story…

Introducing you to Sean Vose. His story…

by adminOctober 16, 2018

Hi i am Nicci Cooper..

Let me take this opportunity to introduce to you Sean Vose.

Up until the 6th September Sean was a healthy active 29 year old, with a beautiful girlfriend and active cheeky little boy. Sean had recently become a self employed Gas Safe Engineer, after years of working for a company he had taken the plunge and decided to work for himself, His girlfriend Amy had a well paid job within a finance firm. Tommy his 6 year old had started riding motocross bikes and was looking to follow in his daddy’s footsteps. Sean was a avid Motocross Fan and Expert Rider within the AMCA. He had recently come 3rd in the AMCA Northern Area Championships and was looking to ride at Nationals on the 9th September. Sean had only recently returned to motocross after a 10 year break and came back with sheer determination. He completed one race as a senior and asked the AMCA to move him up to the expert class, he spent week in week out racing, having good weeks and bad weeks, but never losing his love for the sport.

On the 6th September Sean and a friend went to Longnor Grass races, it was the end of the championship season, so it was something different to do. Never in a million years did Sean or any of his friends or family think that this decision would change his and our lives for ever.

The racing started promptly and all in all was a good giggle as it was something completely different to what Sean and his friend did week in week out. Sean’s friend was out first and Sean was there to cheer him on as he always did with all his motocross friends.

Then Sean went out to race, the exact details of what happened on that day or still unknown and will probably remain unknown, what we do know is Sean took the corner of the circle wide and in doing so wiped out into a ditch at the end of the circle. Sean immediately stayed down (which is never usually a good sign), riders quickly saw what had happened on the track and immediately stopped there bikes, Sean’s friends ran on to the track and got to him quickly, it was clear immediately that he was in a bad way. The peak of his helmet was stuck in his forehead, Sean was incredibly confused and was asking for his son ( who hadn’t attended on the day), Sean was also punching himself in the stomach and the legs , repeatedly saying “this can not happen today, not here, I cant feel my legs, why cant I feel them”, paramedics treated Sean and arranged for the Air ambulance to take him to hospital.
I think at that moment everyone was praying that this wasn’t as serious as it looked, that give him a couple of weeks he’d be back on his bike and he’d be ok.

Just before 9pm that night Sean was rushed in for emergency surgery, doctors fought to save Sean’s life, his family were told to expect the worst. Sean came out of surgery at 4am along with the devastating news that he had severed his spinal chord. What Sean and non of his family knew was that Sean had a congenital defect to his spine, two of his disk were fused together, so when the impact at the track happened, the two disks shattered , causing the spinal chord to severe and his spine to dislocate.

Sean spent over 3 weeks in intensive care and critical care, slowly but surely his own determination and grit came through and the fighter that we have seen in races, started to materialise. Sean was moved on to a Spinal Care ward and slowly they started the rehabilitation process.

Sean has accepted his situation and is taking it all in his stride, life is never going to be the same again for this young family, even the simplest of tasks now are going to be increasingly difficult. Sean has lost all movement from the chest down, he still has the use of his arms but nothing in his lower limbs.

Imagine not being able to go and get a drink from the kitchen when you want one, or not being able to go to the toilet, that’s without the active and employment side of Sean’s life. Simple things that we all take for granted , going out to a restaurant or bar now all requires planning.

Sean’s life and home will have to have massive adaptations in order for him to be able to have any form of independent living and these are things that all cost money, money now that the family doesn’t have.

I have set up a fundraising page to make a start on being able to help, but its going to take so much more than this. We have a Facebook page –

We’re using this page to keep people up to date with not only what’s going on with Sean but also any events / raffles / auctions that we will be doing.

We’ve had brilliant local news coverage but we need more, we need to do so much more. Our long term aim is to get to level where we can not only support Sean and his family but be able to support other motocross riders who suffer injuries that are either life changing or serious, this will enable us to keep Sean’s name going within the motocross scene.

In order to do this we need your help, we need