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Grassroots Grasstrack – Formula Grasstrack

Grassroots Grasstrack – Formula Grasstrack

by adminJanuary 30, 2017

The beauty of Grasstrack is its simplicity.  In essence its a bunch of guys bombing round an oval type track on their motorbikes.  Simple really and affordable?  Well as with all motorsports the urge for speed and competitiveness has made grasstrack increasingly expensive for the amount of time spent on the bike.  That’s why I love what the guys at Formula Grasstrack are doing by taking a standard road going 125cc Honda air cooled four stroke engine and sticking it in a Grasstrack or Speedway chassis, hey presto the same great oval going sport with an affordable twist, and yes the racing is darn close too, as every rider competes on a level playing field.

Founded by Carl Stanton over 4o years ago using BSA Bantams, the idea was to create a cheap way go grasstracking. It changed to Honda about 30 years ago and is still the same today with riders of all ages from 6-86 taking part.

Their season begin’s in April with about 11 meetings planned until Mid October.

Ultimately it’s a family orientated atmosphere with close, competitive racing on low speed machines (compared to mainstream grasstrack) It’s a great way to begin racing or if you want a low cost racing hobby.

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