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“Get a sprinter, get an easy up, go and chase your dream” Paul Malin

“Get a sprinter, get an easy up, go and chase your dream” Paul Malin


Motocross of Nations winner and MXGP commentator Paul Malin was an animated guest on episode three of our ‘Dirty Torque’ Offroad chat show, none more so when he got onto the subject of British riders entering the European championships…

Talking to host Jeff Perrett here is what Paul said when discussing British youth riders and the European Motocross Championships…

“Now we have got a situation where kids are just happy to ride in England they are not even bothered about riding in the 125 or 250 European Championship, so if they are not bothered about doing the 125 or 250 European Championships, I don’t think they have actually got any aspirations to ride in the World Championships MX2 or MXGP.

“I would encourage the kids that are riding 85’s and 125’s in the youth, to do the 85cc European Championship, when they have that one-off weekend. Try to do that Junior World Championship round wherever and whenever it is. Otherwise, if you’re a 125/250 rider in youth, enter as many rounds as you can locally, as in Matterley, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany they are not that far away.

“Strip it back, get a sprinter, easy up on the side, a bit like Shaun Simpson, he is riding MXGP. Get a sprinter, get an easy up, go and chase your dream, do the 125 and 250 European Championship. Improve the level of riding that you’re at by going there. And don’t just sit there and go “ah we drove to Holland, and we didn’t qualify, so I’m not doing the rest of the series” because I have seen that as well.

“Stick to a series; you are not going learn anything, you are not going to win anything unless you commit to a whole series, the whole season or whatever it is you are doing.”

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