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From the Ashes .. Corsham MXC resurrected. We meet the men behind the mission!

From the Ashes .. Corsham MXC resurrected. We meet the men behind the mission!

by adminDecember 5, 2017

My first experience of the Corsham Schoolboy Motocross club was back in the late 80’s,
and it was the first time I

Lawson with his Grandson Kai, looking to follow in his families tyre tracks and ride at Corsham.

found myself on the line with 30 odd other riders.  Until then 20 was probably the max for a club meeting round my way but Corsham was something else, and it’s those glory days that Lawson Benjamin and John Hawkins are looking to bring back as they step into the breach to revive one of the sports biggest clubs.

We caught up with them both and found out more about them and their plans for the club..

Hi Lawson & John it’s great to hear that you are resurrecting the Corsham club, tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Lawson: I have been involved with motocross for over 30 years with my eldest son Carl Benjamin. He started at the age of 6 on a PW50 with Corsham in 1994, we were members of SVSSC, Mid Wilts and Moredon. I was a very active committee member of SVSSC with Mike Truman, Linda Lewis, Mike Saunders and many more for 6 years.  I now own and run the Thornbury MX practice tracks very successfully, and I am co owner of the IDS/AMS KTM race team who compete in the AMCA Champs.  I have 3 sons who have rode motocross at a very good level, riding in the European championships representing GB AMCA team for several years, and

Feature Picture of John now and here back in the day!

competing for over 23 yrs at schoolboy and adult level, and now Carl’s son my first Grandson is on a PW 50 and will be racing in 2019. Myself and John Hawkins have been part of Dursley AMCA club for over 20 years running AMCA championship and IMBA events to a high level.

John: My first race meeeting was with the Corsham SSC in 1972 at Pensford nr Bristol. I continued with Corsham SSC until 1979, at which time I joined the ACU to race in local events. In 1982 I moved to the AMCA with the Marshfield club and I am still riding today at 53 years young. Highlight of my racing career came in 2014 when I won the AMCA Vets Over 50’s Championship. It took me 42yrs to win a Championship but I got there in the end!

So how did taking over the Corsham club come about?

Lawson’s eldest son Carl on his first race with Corsham on a PW50 1994

John: Lawson brought to my attention that the Corsham Club was about to fold. I was sad to hear this as Corsham was my first club at which I started my motocross riding. There is a lot if history within the club, producing two world champions, Graham Noyce and Neil Hudson… It would of been a shame to lose part of our local motocross heritage (scrambling as it was known). We decided between us to try to save the club by taking it over and run events for 2018. I have 25 years of experience in running a motocross club and organising both local and Championship AMCA events. Together with Lawson’s excellent track preparation and my 44 years of motocross involvement, we are aiming to run some top class events in 2018. We believe there is a lack of choice of adult / schoolboy events in our area and therefore we wish to fill this gap catering for most racing groups. We are encouraging riders to join Corsham SSC to revive this club and enable us to provide you with all race groups and a full program of events. Make Corsham Great Again!!

What was happening at the club for it to find itself in difficulty?

Lawson: It is my belief that Corsham found itself in the position it did because of a number of things. Changing

John and the Corsham club go back a long way!

from the BSMA to the MCF was initially a success, but with the majority of riders in the catchment area still being very much with the BSMA it was difficult trying to run between different organisations, this was always going to be tough and I think this lost the club riders. It is also a fact that the modern day club members do not want to track build or marshal they want to just turn up pay the fee, race and go home and so it is more and more difficult for the club volunteers to cope with it all. We have a more modern approach and will accommodate what the members need by having a group of track builders and marshals that work with us at every event.

What is your vision and plan for the future of the club?

Lawson: Our vision is to take Corsham forward and try and build the club back to where it once was. As the years have gone on. the title Schoolboy club has stayed but the groups have changed to incorporate a wider range of rider. You no longer have to leave Schoolboy motocross to go up to the adult classes as they have now been introduced to the Schoolboy scene and everyone is accommodated from Vets , Evo’s, 2 strokes to the Autos which brings in the complete family fun day we all look for. The BSMA have a very good national championship which is well publicised and supported so they are growing in stature and strength. Our target is to be able to run both adult and schoolboy meetings and I would like to see more clubs join the BSMA and offer more variety of tracks and classes over the next few years. 

Tell us more how people can contact the club and get involved and anything else riders might need to know?

John: We are looking to run the following classes over 35/vets/evos, Adult A, Expert/Senior, Adult B, Junior/Novice, 2 Stroke Unlimited, Youth up to 250F, 85cc Small Wheel & Big Wheel, 65cc, Auto Small & Big Wheel. Riders can join us and get a licence by going to and click on the licence page choose Corsham and fill in the forms. For more information you can email us at or join our Facebook group or like our facebook page

2018 Dates

Round 1  – February 4th @ Minchinhampton
Round 2 – February 18th @ Arlingham
Round 3  – March 4th @ Marshfield CC
Round 4  – March 18 @Arlingham CC
Round 5 – April 15th @ Frocester CC
Round 6 – June 2nd & 3rd @ Bushton CC
Round 7 – Aug 19th @ Brookthorpe CC
Round 8 – Sept 23rd @ Marshfield CC