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Classic Scrambling gets underway! Somerset Scramble Club – Race Report and Results

Classic Scrambling gets underway! Somerset Scramble Club – Race Report and Results


Last Sunday the Somerset Scramble Club did their utmost to host the first Scramble in 2020. There were some sleepless nights for the organisers as the original venue wasn’t guaranteed as the grass had to be cut first and with just two days to go to the event the field was made unavailable, so another venue had to be found and give credit, where credit is due to the club, didn’t waste any time in finding one.

Ade Dark with his left hand on his helmet waiting for the flag to drop

Report and Images by Dave Rich

All restrictions were included at the event due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, spectators were not allowed, but that didn’t put the dampers on the event as the stubble field produced some good racing in all classes. It was a step back in time as there was no start gate nor elastic, so it was a flag start with all riders having to put their left hand on their helmets and wait for the flag to drop.

In the Pre 74 classic class, this was to produce some of the best racing of the day with some close racing in all three races which was to produce three different race winners. The opening race was won by Matt Holcombe with Luke Parsons winning race 2, but it was Peter Hollinshead on his 1958 650 BSA a10 who won the last race by a whisker from Ross Wormer to put Hollinshead on the same points as Matt, but by virtue of winning the last race, Hollinshead was to take the overall.

The four-stroke category welcomed back a name from the past in the shape of Brian Withers who was back riding after several years out of the sport, and he showed he has still got it and was to take the overall after winning all three races.

In the Twinshock A class, it was Marcus Clare who ran away with the win in the opening race, but not so good for Kristian Marshall who could only manage 5th after not the best of starts, but Marshall made amends in the second race taking the win from Clare, but Clare took the win in the last race and with it the overall from Marshall.

In Twinshock B there were two wins for Jim Shand, but a mistake in the last race cost him, and that was won by Eamon Cullen.

There was a win each in Twinshock C for Matt Harris, Rick Gardner, and Dave Watson whereas in Twinshock D it was John Pearce who won the opening race, but he had no answer to Daniel Morley in the other two races who raced away to victory in both and with it took the overall.

The Evo class was fast and furious with James Reeves dominating the opening race, but it was Matthew Holcombe who pipped James in the other two races.

Peter Hollinshead on his 1958 650 BSA a10

Overall Results

Pre 74 Classics

1st Peter Hollinshead

2nd Matt Holcombe

3rd Mark Mumford

4th Ross Wormer

5th Luke Parsons

6th Mike Hodges

7th Phillip Nicholls

8th William Holland

Matt Yates giving his all in the Twinshock B class

Four Strokes

1st Bryan Withers

2nd George Wolff

3rd Ryan Baker

4th Ed Spear

5th Dan Dark

6th Paul Clarke

7th Steve Davey

8th Kevin Allen

Jim Shand heads the pack in Twinshock B

Twinshock A

1st Marcus Clare

2nd Kristian Marshall

3rd Tom Paulley

4th Ross Millard

5th Andy Elliot

6th Steve Fews

7th Phillip Peaster

8th Luke Hickie

Twinshock B

1st Jim Shand

2nd Eamon Cullen

3rd James Tupman

4th James Scott

5th Kevin Butcher

6th Neil Aldridge

7th Frank Morley

8th Chris Stone

Twinshock C

1st Dave Watson

2nd Kevin Spiller

3rd Gary Champ

4th Justin Maddison

5th Keith Newman

6th Kevin Butt

7th Robert Lawrence

8th Michael Hill

Twinshock D

1st Daniel Morley

2nd Clifford Stone

3rd James Bristow

4th Steven Bristow

5th Louis Butt

6th Dan Drake

7th Darren Sharpe

8th Richard Tupman

Evo Class

1st Matthew Holcombe

2nd James Reeves

3rd Darryl Sturt

4th Tyler Green

5th Ross Kerr

6th Matt Yates

7th Andy Elliot

8th Triss Macey