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Butts Quarry needs your Help! Sign the Petition to save the venue!

Butts Quarry needs your Help! Sign the Petition to save the venue!

The historic Butts Quarry Off-road venue in Derbyshire which has seen racing taking place there since the ’60s is under threat after it was handed an abatement notice for noise just before Christmas and it needs your help to ensure this facility stays as a valuable part of the dirtbike community for years to come.

Feature Image courtesy of Jim Forsyth Photography

A petition has been set up and has over 11’700 signatures but more are needed so please make sure you sign and share it to give the track as much support as we can. >>CLICK HERE<< to sign the petition.

Barry Dring who organises events at the venue and liaises with the clubs who run there said in a statement “I have created this petition in order demonstrate to the appropriate people that not only is the activity at Butts Quarry not considered a nuisance by the vast majority of local residents, but is in fact welcomed as part of the heritage and tradition of the area.

“Butts Quarry off road facility has been served with an abatement notice for noise, this was dropped on our doorstep two days before Christmas Day in a deliberate attempt to make our appeal more difficult due to time constraints. The council have been forced by one individual into a judicial review despite the issue already being resolved and measures put in place.

“This could mean that we are to be soon closed.

“We have an agreement with the Environmental Agency to only operate once every fourteen days between the hours of 9am and 5pm, along with noise testing where required. Obviously this massively restricts its viability as a business, it does however allow us to maintain this beautiful area of land and enable many adults and children alike to persue their passion in a safe and controlled environment.

“We never wavered from this agreement and yet with the knowledge that the local council are under threat from one local our case has miraculously been reopened and we have now been issued with an abatement notice, one that we are going to fight with confidence.”

Head here to sign the petition https://www.change.org/savebuttsquarry