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British MX Championship Survey – Have Your Say before 2024!

British MX Championship Survey – Have Your Say before 2024!

With a new title sponsor and some ambitious plans for a nationwide series, RHL Activities have set up a Survey for everybody to give feedback about 2023 and ask what people are looking for in 2024.

Words: Ben Rumbold, Featured Image: RHL Activities

So if you’re not happy about things, or you would like to see the Championships change in any way, here is your chance to give your feedback direct to the promoters of the premier Championship in the country. You can do this from the perspective of a Rider, Team Member, Media, or even just as a fan, to really help the team fine-tune the series if enough people sing from the same hymn sheet.  You don’t have to leave any details if you don’t wish to, and there is a free-hand section to write in what you want!

This is a real chance to help shape the Dirt Store British Championship for the future. There is a lot of talk about “too many series” so here is an opportunity to help make the longest-standing of them, the official ACU British Championship, better for everyone. The team at RHL are a hard-working bunch who are open to feedback, and here is your chance for sensible input.  They will listen and do all that they can to implement the most popular ideas for change.

Here is the link, and a preview of the main page so that you know it isn’t a scam!

Pick your position and give the team your feedback. This is a screenshot and not connected to the survey!