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Brightmore Bros rule at Hapton! Raw Enduro Metzeler 4 Hour Ironman Enduro – Race Report & Results

Brightmore Bros rule at Hapton! Raw Enduro Metzeler 4 Hour Ironman Enduro – Race Report & Results


Duck Smart

The eagerly awaited first Metzeler 4 Hour Ironman Enduro ran at a completely new course around Hapton in Lancashire. For the first time ever, and with recent dry weather helping the cause, Clerk of the course Wayne Braybrook opted to run a new loop which went down a treat with the riders over the weekend.

Report by RAW Media –  Images courtesy of CH-Images

With lots of uphills, flowing grass sprint sections, and some flat out horsepower sapping climbs, it was awesome to see everyone having fun racing across all classes.

First up a small but talent packed Youth event ran for a full 2 hours. Having tricky conditions for the first part of the race courtesy of a heavy rain shower at 8am, Ailbe O’Connell ripped his Gas Gas 85 big wheel around to take a solid Youth A win from RAW Regular Karl Hancock. James Meakin grabbed the final podium place for his efforts on the day, James then went on the support his dad in the adult race who did the entire 4 hours without refuelling. The inform Bradley Crabtree smashed the Youth B class with Bailey Holmes taking runner up spot from Theo Nicholson. Annabel Bolt won the Auto Class from Jenson Fox, some achievement around such a huge long lap on little wheels.

Ailbe O’Connell

At 11:15 the main Metzeler Adult 4 Hour event was fired into life. Team Steer Riders dominated the front row and the early laps of the race. With all Expert riders starting at the same time, there was no Solo riders pacing themselves, it was racing from the drop of the flag.  Joe Deakin romped on to take the overall Expert solo class win from his team Mate Richie Moorhouse in runner up place. Expert 2 man team honours went to Mitch and Ashton Brightmore, Ashton had to pit to change a wheel after his tyre bead snapped, leaving his brother to do a couple of extra laps. Jed and Jason Balmer surprised some regulars with their speed to take runner up place on 22 laps.

The Ironman Joe Deakin

As riders started to pit and teams changed at the halfway stage, Tom Slater found his rhythm and had to work hard to keep Clubman Vet rider Alex Owen behind him to the end of the race. Both riders completed 20 laps solo. Steve Butterfield was looking to wait at the finish line with just 20 seconds left on the clock, a brief heckling saw Butterflied grabbing Third place in class for the extra lap completed. In the Clubman Team Class the top teams were super close on lap times as they duelled for podium places

Beta riders Josh Knight and Callum Hughes ripped up the Hapton Grasslands to take a cool win, Will Cawte made the journey across worthwhile taking runner up with his teammate Lewis Heliwell. As always at RAW Enduro, the clubman class is jam packed with the next wave of young guns seeking expert class rides, all the current Clubman top runners are proving they’re almost ready for the next step up.

Loop out

Sportsman Solo winner Cai Moore was delighted with his result completing 17 laps solo. Chris Sanderson had a big moment out on track as fatigue set in, his determination shone through as he crossed the line third exhausted. Young Gun Tommy Tate and his team mate Ged Littlewood won the Sportsman Team class, running close to Clubman times these boys will move up a class at the next event.

A self-confessed lover of the longer Ironman Races, Andy Cooke won the Vets Solo class from Mark Raynor, both men completed 18 laps with Jon Robson third on 17 laps. Anthony Foulkes and Jason Clarke arrived at Hapton fresh from an 8 hour race the previous week. Fully recovered the pair took an emphatic Vets Team class win ahead of Mick Savin and Martin Benson in runner up place.

Andrew Reeves

Over the 4 hours not one part of the route was compromised or cut out, yet another fantastic course plan, delivered by the RAW Enduro team which catered for all ability levels showing great competitive fights across race distance.

Massive thanks to everyone for supporting the event, in particular the RAW marshals for keeping those wheels turning all day.

Back to Rock Oil Championship Duty next for RAW Enduro as Yorkshire is set to host the next two rounds at two superb venues.

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Thanks to all participants for keeping the club moving forward during these very testing times.

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Adult Race

Pos Name Category
1 Joe DEAKIN Expert Solo
2 Richard MOORHOUSE Expert Solo
3 Mitch-Ashton BRIGHTMORE-BRIGHTMORE Expert Team
4 Jed-Jason BALMER-BALMER Expert Team
5 Declan – Lee HELIWELL – SAMPSON Expert Team
6 Jamie – Harrison DILWORTH – BELL Expert Team
7 Tom – Reece WIDD – GAZZARD Expert Team
8 Josh – Callum KNIGHT – HUGHES Clubman Team
9 Anthony – Jason FOULKES – CLARKE Vets Team
10 Tom SLATER Clubman Solo
11 Will – Lewis CAWTE – HELIWELL Clubman Team
12 Lee – Drew HARGREAVES-ABBOTT Clubman Team
13 Kiaran-Andrew HANKIN-REEVES Clubman Team
14 Ged – Tommy LITTLEWOOD – TATE Sportsman Team
15 Alex OWEN Clubman Solo
16 Andy – Ryan JERVIS – MAUDSLEY Clubman Team
17 Steve BUTTERFIELD Clubman Solo
18 Adam – Brandon HOPKINSON – BAYLISS Sportsman Team
19 Lucas – Hayden TRAVERS – STANSFIELD Sportsman Team
20 Tom-Ricky TROPMAN-HUNT Clubman Team
21 Chris RAYNOR Expert Solo
22 Alfie-Kyle MARSDEN-STRALL Novice Team
23 Mick-Martin SAVIN-BENSON Vets Team
24 Stephen – Tim THORTON – THORNTON Sportsman Team
25 Andy COOKE Vets Solo
26 Mark – Kieth PECKITT – READMAN Vets Team
27 Mark Anthony RAYNOR Vets Solo
28 Adam – Will BROMILOW – WESTWELL Sportsman Team
29 Dom-Sam KIRK-BODEN Novice Team
30 John ROBSON Vets Solo
31 sam NIEBEL Novice Solo
32 Cai MOORE Sportsman Solo
33 Daniel KEAN Sportsman Solo
34 Martin HANCOCK Clubman Solo
35 Tom MOORE Novice Solo
36 Jordan-Jordan JONES-BOYS Clubman Team
37 Chris SANDERSON Sportsman Solo
38 Mark CHEETHAM Sportsman Solo
39 Vincent – Graham LOMAS – HOWARD Vets Team
40 Darren GAZZARD Clubman Solo
41 James TYAS Sportsman Solo
42 Neil-Thomas MARSHALL-MCDOWELL Vets Team
43 Sonny-Conner LEIGH-GRIFFITHS Sportsman Team
44 Leigh NICKLIN Vets Solo
45 Steve CRANSHAW Vets Solo
46 Rob GREGORY Vets Solo
47 Graham DICKINSON Clubman Solo
48 Jamie – Tom PEACE Novice Team
49 Archie – Lucas WALKER – NEWSOME Novice Team
50 James-Micheal THOMPSON=THOMPSON Sportsman Team
51 Ian-Phil TAYLOR Clubman Team
52 Lee HUTSBY Vets Solo
53 Daniel HARGREAVES Sportsman Solo
54 Harry-Tobias WALKER-STANSHELD Novice Team
55 Daniel-Lee KAY-COLDING Novice Team
56 Paul – Chris HILL – VINES Vets Team
57 Simon WALKER Vets Solo
58 Andy WILLIAMS Vets Solo
59 Harley-Saul MUDIE-CAMPBELL Novice Team
60 Stephen-Danny LOGEN-SPRIGGS Novice Team
61 Kevin IDDON Novice Solo
62 James DYSON Vets Solo
63 Mike EDMONDS Novice Solo
64 Bradley HUGHES Sportsman Solo
65 Lewis COOLING Novice Solo
66 Pat KEAN Vets Solo
67 Nathan MURRANT Sportsman Solo
68 Lincoln HEALEY Novice Solo
69 Kieron NORBURN Vets Solo
70 Ben HOLMES Sportsman Solo
71 Chris MEAKIN Vets Solo
72 Daniel LONGSTAFF Sportsman Solo
73 Daniel HOLDEN Novice Solo
74 Dean JOHNSON Vets Solo
75 Gabby – Jasper WHITHAM – FOX Novice Team
76 Mark HORROBIN Vets Solo
77 David MILLS Novice Solo
78 Rob CHILCOTT Novice Solo
79 Phil HANCOCK Expert Solo
80 Jason CLARKE Vets Solo
81 Mikey HANNON Sportsman Solo
82 Toby MANN Novice Solo
83 Tom – Tyler COCKHOTT – COCKSHOTT Novice Team
84 Todd MANN Novice Solo
85 Josh HAGUE Novice Solo
86 Isaac BARGH Sportsman Solo
87 Connor DOBSON Novice Solo
88 Simon TATE Clubman Solo

Youth Race

Pos Race No Time
1 Ailbe O’CONNELL Youth A
2 Karl HANCOCK Youth A
3 Bradley CRABTREE Youth B
4 Bailey HOLMES Youth B
5 Theo NICHOLSON Youth B
6 James MEAKIN Youth A
7 Elliot TENNANT Youth B
8 Jack HOUGHTON Youth B
9 Annabel BOLT Junior Auto 6-10 Solo
10 Jenson FOX Junior Auto 6-10 Solo
11 Owen NICHOLSON Youth B
12 William ATKINSON Youth B