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Boam and Deakin Dominate at Carlton Grange! Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Round six – Race Report and Results

Boam and Deakin Dominate at Carlton Grange! Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Round six – Race Report and Results


Duck Smart

In all the years Wayne Braybrook has been using Carlton Grange, this was hands down the best track to date. Weather conditions over the weekend were just perfect, ground conditions were prime, and the action on track was mind blowing.

Report by Raw Media and Images by CH-Images and Matthew Rudd Photography

First up Sunday morning the Youth class, this event was run over a shorter course than the adults to ensure family and crew saw lots of their riders. Carlton Grange is a large woodland and the average 6 min Youth lap proved perfect for all the younger riders. Hayden Stansfield had his first competitive outing on his 150 Husky and rattled off a two lap winning margin. Robbie Davidson back from a nasty wrist injury was the best of the rest with a fine runner up place, Karl Hancock held off Evan Sharpe in the closing stages off the race despite still being very sore from a big practice crash the week before.

Alfie Marsden – CH-Images

Bradley Crabtree was top of the Youth B and increased his Championship lead. William Atkinson continues to improve as an enduro rider and his runner up place was very well deserved. Bryce Helliwell grabbed the final podium place on his trick KTM65.

Bradley Crabtree – CH Images

Onto the packed adult start, and with all track alterations in place, the class expert lineup was fired into the Carlton Grange woodland. Loamy soil, and some super cool technical woodland breaks provided the true enduro old school feel. Team Steer fielded a 5 rider Sherco lineup. Joe Deakin took the expert win, in calculated fashion as he used his experience to hold off hard-charging JSM Gas Gas runner Jamie Williams in runner up place. Declan Helliwell is a self-confessed lover of old school enduro’s, Dec rode a cool race to take third just 4 minutes off the win.

Bert Boam – CH Images

The standout performance of the day came from RAW Enduro Team rider Bert Boam. Bert took the clubman class win in fine style, just over two minutes ahead of Chris bailey who had an awesome race. Amazingly Boam Placed P4 overall showing just how much potential this lad has for the future. Callum Hughes overcame a dead last away start to hunt down the leaders on his RR200 Beta, placing P3 at the Flag was a cool result for Hughes in a very competitive class.

Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography

A good lineup of Over 50 riders saw Mark Raynor take the win from Championship hopeful Mark Peckitt, Peckitt riding with a broken toe just held off hard-charging Paul Cunningham in third place. Callum Davidson made the journey from Scotland worthwhile to win the Sportsman class. Lucas Travers seems to be settled and riding well in the adults ranks, his second place was a sign this kid is ready for a great 2022 season. Sean Thompson has his eyes on a good finish to the 21 championship, his third place was a good haul of points for a hard days riding.

Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography

Mark Vardy timed his race to perfection just grabbing the extra lap on his rivals in the Sportsman Vets class, Vard’s took the win from Mick Robson in runner up place, with Chris Vines taking third.

Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography

Shout out to Championship leader Nick Barrow who clattered a tree hard forcing his retirement from this race. Alfie Marsden grabbed his sportsman class upgrade by winning the Novice class, aboard a loaned Team Steer Sherco Marsden has the ability and skill set to run with Sportsman riders. Joe Gill had a great race to take runner up place adding to his overall points tally.

Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography

Carlton Grange always tests riders, the RAW Enduro Rock Oil Championship has the most diverse mix of venues, and this allows RAW to always find the best riders over all kinds of mixed enduro terrain. Those who missed Carlton missed a cracking event weekend. Now fully graded resting ready for next season Carlton Grange will be more than ready for the next Rock Oil Event in 2022.

Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography

Next Up is a BUSY October…. October 3rd Rock Oil R7 at the stunning Low North Camp Harwood dale Scarborough, the one week later on October 10th The Ballbreaker Extreme will run on a Dry Hapton Valley. Then the Rock Oil Championship Finale will take place on October 24th venue TBC.

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Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography


Adult Race

Pos Name Category
1 Joe DEAKIN Expert
2 Jamie WILLIAMS Expert
3 Declan HELLIWELL Expert
4 Scott HIPWELL Expert
5 Bert BOAM Clubman
6 Chris BAILEY Clubman
7 Darren COUSINS Clubman Vets
8 Callum HUGHES Clubman
9 Tommy GRIMMER Clubman
10 Oliver ALLBONES Expert
11 Phil HANCOCK Expert
12 Richard HALLAM Clubman Vets
13 Andy COOKE Clubman Vets
14 Harry CONNER Clubman
15 Simon TATE Clubman Vets
16 George ENGLAND Clubman
17 Lee SMITH Clubman Vets
18 Anthony TURNER Clubman
19 Callum DAVIDSON Sportsman
20 Neil MARSHALL Clubman Vets
21 Alfie MARSDEN Novice
22 Lucas TRAVERS Sportsman
23 Dolton SHANNON Clubman
24 Sean THOMPSON Sportsman
25 Mark Anthony RAYNOR Over 50
26 Jordan SALMON Sportsman
27 Lee STOYLES Clubman
28 Joseph HOWSAM Sportsman
29 Tom HUNT Sportsman
30 Mark VARDY Sportsman Vets
31 Joe GILL Novice
32 Mick ROBSON Sportsman Vets
33 Reece PICKERSGILL Clubman
34 Mark PECKITT Over 50
35 Dom KIRK Sportsman
36 Paul DALEY SMITH Clubman Vets
37 Paul CUNNINGHAM Over 50
38 Andy PAGE Sportsman
39 Ethan MARQUIS Novice
40 Robert SHANN Novice
41 David SLEE Sportsman
42 Simon WALTERS Novice
43 Alex CLARK Novice
44 Chris VINES Sportsman Vets
45 Luke GRIFFITHS Novice
46 Dylan FAIRLEY Novice
47 Jamie STEAD Novice
48 Kyle HENDY Novice
49 Jonathon LAMBER-COUSINS Sportsman
50 Jason AYRE Sportsman
51 Neil ROBINSON Over 50
52 Jack LAPPIN Novice
53 Scott AUSTIN Expert
54 Matt HOLMES Sportsman
55 James DYSON Sportsman Vets
56 Tom STEPHENS Novice
57 Conor GUBRANDEN Novice
58 Richard BALDWIN Sportsman
59 Daniel LONGSTAFF Sportsman
60 Dean BUTLER Novice
61 Peter LONGDEN Novice
62 Kieron NORBURN Sportsman Vets
63 Nick CLAYTON Sportsman
64 Martin HANCOCK Clubman Vets
65 Ross HODGSON Novice
66 Lincoln HEALEY Over 50
67 Neil ENGLAND Novice
68 Chris MEAKIN Over 50
69 Dan PHILIPS Novice
70 Jamie LONGDEN Novice
71 Jason HIRST Expert
72 Lee SAMPSON Expert
73 Russell COLE Sportsman Vets
74 Paul HILL Over 50
75 Ian FITZPATRICK Sportsman
76 Richard GOODYEAR Novice
77 Richard SIXSMITH Novice
78 Nick BARROW Sportsman Vets
79 Robert GRAHAM Sportsman
80 Tommy TATE Sportsman
81 Jordan SIZER Clubman
82 John CUTMORE Over 50

Picture by Matthew Rudd Photography

Youth Race

Pos Name Category
1 Hayden STANSFIELD Youth A
2 Robbie DAVIDSON Youth A
3 Karl HANCOCK Youth A
4 Evan SHARPE Youth A
5 Bradley CRABTREE Youth B
6 James MEAKIN Youth A
7 William ATKINSON Youth B
8 Tobias STANSFIELD Youth A
9 Walter DIBB Auto
10 Bryce HELLIWELL Youth B
11 Lily MARSHALL Youth A
12 Conner PICKERING Youth A
13 Jake ROBSON Youth B

Mark Vardy – CH Images