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7-One Racing become new UK Bucci Importer and release the new F20 MX machine!

7-One Racing become new UK Bucci Importer and release the new F20 MX machine!

The premium Italian Bucci brand of Minibikes has a new UK importer for the off road side of the business, which is 7-One Racing based in Swindon.

7-One Racing owner Blaine Blackwell, a highly successful racer in the Minibike Champs series is a stalwart of the sport in the UK and said of the new deal “We are really excited to be importing the Bucci brand in the UK. Claudio Bucci the Owner of Bucci has been fantastic to deal with and everyone knows the quality of the machines and we are looking forward to growing the brand further in Britain.”

Blackwell has been boosted by the arrival of the new F20 MX machine which will be arriving in the UK in late January/early February.

Features of the F20 MX include:

– The frame has been in development for over a year, and has a 3 triangle configuration, which was found to give the best possible strength while also lowering the weight, and giving the shock more room.

– The frame has been CAD designed and stress tested.

– The rake angle has been increased to make the overall handling more stable, and the whole linkage system has been really thought through, similar to a Japanese bike and very different from the French TCB pit bike.

– The pivot point was the main focus for the linkage/swingarm. The pivot bolt has now been split into 2 so you have a nut and bolt each side of it.  The smaller bearing can be upgraded to a needle roller bearing which is very strong and similar to a Japanese bike, but that wasn’t the main reason for the smaller bolt. The smaller bolt means the pivot point has been moved forward closer to the front sprocket, this ensures the chain tension is always correct (if chain is adjusted correctly) so the chain is correct through the whole rear shock stroke. This also allows for less wear on the chain slider which was a problem on the f15/15r which has now been eliminated. This also saves on bearing wear.

– The linkage allows the bike to gain traction through acceleration bumps, braking bumps etc and also absorbs the landing off of jumps better than its predecessor.

– There is a completely new swingarm, which is very strong and lightweight.

– The whole front end remains the same as the Bucci f15/15r

– There is no longer engine hanger brackets as they are now part of the frame.

– The footpegs have been moved back 10mm for rider comfort.

– The rear brake pedal has been moved to inside the frame, similar to a KTM, which allows increased movement of the kickstart as pit bike engines have the kickstart shaft in a lower position, always a nightmare when building a bike.

– Mupo has taken care of the rear shock however the bottle will be moved sideways like the f15r when the bike starts production.

– Bucci has stuck with LM racing for the exhaust. There are 2 types available; Standard bore or race bore (slightly bigger +3bhp gain) at an extra £100. Also available for Daytona/CRF port or TB port depending on what engine the customer is running.

– The subframe has changed to steel to lower cost and is very strong, giving more space for the rear shock bottle.

– There will be a carbon rear shock guard upgrade available to suit the new shock.

– Mitas is now the Bucci tyre supplier

– The new machine will continue to still run Formula brakes (same as KTM85). Also, the forks are from Formula.

The bike is available from the end of January/early February with the following engine options
– Rolling chassis
– Daytona 190cc with Keihin pe28 carb
– YX160 with valve spring upgrade & Mikuni vm26 carb
– YX140 with z40 cam, lightened flywheel & Mikuni vm26 carb

Everything except the engines is made in Italy and the quality speaks for itself.

All new bikes purchased from 7-ONE Racing have the option of standard Bucci graphics or 7-ONE graphics including name & number or just plain plastics black or white.

7-One Racing can now offer finance through Paypal credit.
Part ex is possible only on bikes which are in stock.

Full parts and accessories are now available on their website