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VIDEO: Riding an AUTOMATIC 500cc Two-Stroke!

VIDEO: Riding an AUTOMATIC 500cc Two-Stroke!

The boys at Toofast Media have tracked down another rare beauty for a video feature…

Words, Video, and Images: Toofast Media

We ride a very rare Automatic transmission Husqvarna 500cc 2 stroke motocross bike! Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s the dirt bike world was a weird and wonderful place full of unique ideas and quirky innovations. During that time Husqvarna were one of the brands trying to make automatic MX bikes a thing. Obviously the concept that didn’t catch on with the rest of the moto world, but Husky’s AE machines were said to be really capable race weapons, especially in the enduro scene. There aren’t too many examples left out in the wild these days, so we feel very privileged to have been able to hit the dirt on this very special 1985 Husqvarna 500 AE…enjoy guys! 😀