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Tong time! 2023 British Extreme Enduro Championship Round 1 – Entry List

Tong time! 2023 British Extreme Enduro Championship Round 1 – Entry List

Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker, Paul Bolton and the Brightmore brothers are bound for the Parkwood Off-Road Centre in Tong this Sunday 5th March for the first round of the new-look British Extreme Enduro Championship which has also been entitled Wild Willys.

Feature Image courtesy of FourZeroMedia

The AM race is at 9:30 and the PM race is at 1:00.  Spectators are welcome with Adults being £10, Under 16 £5, and Under 5 free.

The full venue address is:

Parkwood Offroad Centre
Home Farm
Tong village

Entry Lists

PM Race

No: Name: Class: Bike:
1 Mitch Brightmore Championship TTR Gasgas
2 Ashton Brightmore Championship TTR Gasgas
3 Ben Wibberley Championship KTM
57 Billy Bolt Championship Husqvrana
4 Burts  Crayston Championship KTM
5 Charlie Frost Championship Beta
6 Dan Peace Championship Sherco
7 Jack  Spencer Championship Beta
8 Jack Price Championship GasGas
9 james allen Championship beta
10 James Dabil Championship Riegu
22 Jonny  Walker Championship Beta
11 Paul  Bolton Championship
12 Richard Moorhouse Championship Gas gas
13 Robert Alexandru Pletea Championship Gas Gas
14 Ross Mcnair Championship Beta
15 Steven Beddows Championship
16 Andrew Bisset expert Ktm
17 Barry Donaghy expert Sherco
18 Connor Atkinson expert Beta rr
19 Dave Wood Expert Beta
20 Dec Bullock expert John Lee Beta
21 Dec Helliwell Expert Sherco
23 gareth meade-brewin expert Husqvarna
24 Harry Conner expert Husqvarna
25 Jack Adams expert Gas Gas
26 Jack Berry expert Beta
27 Jack Winn expert Rieju
28 Jason Balmer expert Gas gas
29 Jed Balmer expert Gasgas
30 Joe Dawson expert Husqvarna te
31 Luke Lusher expert Ktm
32 Luke Woodland expert KTM 250
33 Mark Jackson Expert Sherco
34 Matt stuttard expert Beta
35 Neil Dawson expert Beta
36 Paul Finch expert Gas gas
37 Peter Collins expert Ktm
38 Reece Gazzard Expert Ktm
39 Rhys Davies expert Beta RR
41 Stephen Hughes expert Sherco
42 Stuart Mack expert Sherco
43 Alfie Royle clubman Gas gas
44 Andy Ksy clubman Gas Man
45 Ben  Boare clubman Husky
46 Ben Crowcroft clubman Te300i
48 Chris brown clubman Beta
49 Chris Cook clubman Beta
50 Danny  Calkin clubman Beta
51 Danny Carne clubman Beta
52 Edward  Elkin clubman Beta
53 Felix Cryer clubman Husqvarna
54 Gary Carter clubman Husq
55 Harrison Matthews clubman Beta
56 Harry Purslow clubman Ktm
58 Ioan Heycock clubman Ktm
59 Jacob  potts clubman Husky 125
60 James  Paczynski clubman Gasgas
61 Jayden Wright clubman Ktm
62 Joe  Sargent clubman Ktm EXC
63 Joe Godley clubman Sherco se 300
64 Jordan Brigden clubman Gasgas ec
65 Joseph howsam clubman Beta RR
66 Josh Carter clubman KTM
67 Josh lawer clubman husky te150i
68 Josh Reid clubman Beta RR
69 Kevin Brooks clubman GasGas
70 Lance Codner clubman KTM EXC
71 Liam Mcshane clubman Ktm tpi
72 Marcus Lister clubman Husqvarna te300
73 Martin Grubb clubman ktm exc
74 Matthew Smith clubman Husqvarna
75 Matthew Sutton clubman Husqvarna
76 Matty Napper clubman Sherco
77 Nathan Parker clubman Husqvarna
78 Oliver Yeardley clubman Gasgas
79 Reece Morewood clubman Beta 300
80 Rob Watts clubman Husqvarna
81 Robbie Stirling clubman Ktm
82 Roman pilling clubman Husqavana
83 Ross Mathie clubman Husqvarna
84 Simon Booth clubman Husqvarna te
85 Steven  Procter clubman Sherco se 300
86 Toby Shaw clubman Ktm
87 Tom hodgson clubman Ktm
88 Tommy Grimmer clubman Beta RR
89 Tommy Johnson clubman Ktm
90 tommy tate clubman husqvarna
107 Ross Mcnair Clubman
91 Zac Collinson clubman Gas gas
92 Charles Lamb vets over40 Husqvarna
93 Christian Pearson vets over40 Beta 300rr Racing
94 Ian Marcovitch vets over40 Beta RR
95 Jason Simpson vets over40 Gas gas
96 Mark Copeland vets over40 Ktm
97 Mark Kirby vets over40 husky
98 Michael Smith vets over40 Beta RR
99 Neil Marshall vets over40 Husqvrana
100 Paul Daley-Smith vets over40 Sherco 4stroke
101 Paul Martin vets over40 Husqvarna te300
102 Richard  Hawes vets over40 Ktm
103 Ricky Tropman vets over40 Ktm
104 Shaun  Clennell vets over40 Beta
105 Steve Peat vets over40 Gas Gas
106 Stevie Roper vets over40 Husky

AM Race

No Name: Class: Bike:
1 Andy Longden over50 Gasgas
3 Darren Gazzard over50 KTM
4 Darren Heyes over50 Beta 300 rr
5 Dave Bell over50 Husaburg
6 David Wiseman over50 Beta xtrainer 300
7 Gary  Richardson over50
8 Geoff Brigden over50 Gasgas
9 Jason  Atha over50 Beta rr
10 John Hirst over50 GasGas
11 John Leith over50 GASGAS
12 Lee Cornish over50 Beta
13 Max Maidman over50 KTM 300 TPi
14 Paul Mckie over50 KTM
15 Phil Borley over50 KTM 300 TPI
16 Simon Nutter over50 Gas Gas
17 simon tate over50 gasgas
18 Connor Gulbrandsen Youth KTM
19 Fraser Lampkin Youth Beta
20 Jake  Willis Youth KTM
21 Jasper Fox Youth KTM Tpi
22 Holly Pullen Ladies Husqvarna
23 Laura Ciotte Ladies Beta x trainer
24 Aaron Jardine Sportsman KTM
25 Adam Ainslie Sportsman Ktm
26 Adam crawshaw Sportsman Gas gas
27 Adrian Popescu Sportsman Husqvarna
28 Aled Hayward Sportsman Sherco
29 Alex Gafita Sportsman Beta
30 Alexandru Casineanu Sportsman Beta
31 Anthony Turner Sportsman Sherco
32 Archie Walker Sportsman Gas gas
33 Arron Walton Sportsman Ktm exc tpi
34 Ben  Redley Sportsman Ktm exc
35 Ben Dixon Sportsman Beta 300rr
36 Ben jarvis Sportsman Ktm 300 exc
37 Ben Wales Sportsman KTM
38 Blake Thorpe Sportsman Ktm
39 Brad  Copeland Sportsman Ktm
40 Callum Cowlishaw Sportsman KTM
41 Calum Hill Sportsman Husky
42 Calum Kennedy Sportsman Ktm exc
43 Cameron Macro Sportsman Gas gas
44 Charlie Farrer Sportsman Beta xtrainer
45 Chris Burke Sportsman Beta RR
46 Corey  Davies Sportsman Husqvarna te300i
47 Craig  Turnbull Sportsman Ktm 250 tpi
48 Cristian Tineghe Sportsman ktm
49 Curtis Tansley Sportsman Sherco
50 Damon Bancroft Sportsman Beta
51 Dan Kay Sportsman Beta
52 Dan Mckennell Sportsman KTM
53 Daniel  Knight Sportsman Beta RR
54 Darren Jones Sportsman Ktm
55 Daryl James Sportsman husqvarna
56 Dom Kirk Sportsman Ktm
57 Duncan  Rose Sportsman Beta
58 Edward  Egin Sportsman Husky
59 Evan Sharpe Sportsman Beta
60 Fairley Dylan Sportsman Betta r
61 Frankie Rhodes Sportsman Gasgas
62 gareth weller Sportsman Husqvarna Te
63 Gary Barnfather Sportsman KTM
64 Gary Marshall Sportsman Beta rr350
65 Graham Hill Sportsman Gasgas ec
66 Greg Horobin Sportsman Sherco
67 Grove Rackham Sportsman Husqvarna
68 Ian Creamer Sportsman Husqvarna TE300
69 Ian Tutton Sportsman Ktm exc
70 Jack  Porter Sportsman KTM
71 Jack Harvey Sportsman Beta
72 Jacob Gilbert Sportsman Gas gas
73 James Burns Sportsman Gasgas ec
74 James Carter Sportsman KTM
75 James Tyas Sportsman Ktm
76 Jamie  Gardiner Sportsman Husky
77 Jamie Stead Sportsman GasGas
78 Jason Bates Sportsman KTM
79 Jason wood Sportsman Ktm
80 Jody Lovatt Sportsman Sherco
81 Joe Dann Sportsman KTM 250 EXC 20
82 Joe Ward Sportsman Husqvarna te
83 Jonay Clark Sportsman Ktm
84 Jonny  Robinson Sportsman Ktm exc
85 Jordan Walters Sportsman Ktm
86 Josh Garner Sportsman KTM
87 Josh Hornshaw Sportsman Ktm
88 Josh Watson Sportsman ktm
89 Kenny Dennison Sportsman Husqvarna
90 Kevin Ross Sportsman Sherco
91 Kieran Heycock Sportsman Gasgas
92 Kyle Hendy Sportsman Beta 300 rr
93 Kyle Kowalski Sportsman Ktm exc
94 Lee Thornton Sportsman Ktm exc
95 Liam Guiry Sportsman Ktm exc tpi
96 Macauley Haigh Sportsman Ktm 300
97 Maciej Caputa Sportsman Ktm
98 Mark Thompson Sportsman Ktm exc tpi
99 Matt Wilcox Sportsman Beta
100 Matthew  Rogers Sportsman Ktm 200exc
101 Michael Payne Sportsman Ktm 300 exc tpi 2020
102 Nathan Burroughs Sportsman Ktm exc 250
103 Nick  Sanderson Sportsman GasGas
104 Ollie Rutter Sportsman BETA
105 Oscar Booth Sportsman Gas gas
106 Owen Atha Sportsman Ktm
107 Paul Bell Sportsman Husqvarna
108 Paul Carter Sportsman Beta rr
109 Paul Dixon Sportsman Sherco 300 PottyCunts
110 Pavel  Olaru Sportsman Gas gas
111 Pete  Bailey Sportsman 125 Husky
112 Ricky  Lethaby Sportsman Ktm
113 Ricky Downs Sportsman Husqvarna
114 Robert Graham Sportsman Beta
115 Ryan Perry Sportsman Ktm
116 Scott Sloane Sportsman KTM
117 Stephen  Anderson Sportsman Sherco
118 Stephen  Tomlin Sportsman Beta
119 Stephen Fishet Sportsman Beta
120 Stuey  Luke Sportsman Ktm
121 Ted Ridley Sportsman Beta
122 Thomas Dracup Sportsman Ktm
123 Thomas Nelson Sportsman Ktm
124 Tom Leonard Sportsman KTM
125 Tommy Guest Sportsman Husqvarna
126 Tommy Stott Sportsman Ktm
127 Wayne Barnes Sportsman Ktm
128 Will Ackroyd Sportsman Ktm