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Rookie Brookes shows speed in the Pro’s for GRT Impact KTM!

Rookie Brookes shows speed in the Pro’s for GRT Impact KTM!

GRT Impact KTM headed to Blaxhall in East Suffolk for the Revo British Championship last weekend. With the weather on our side in the UK, it set out to be a great day full of spectators, and some great racing too.

Two riders under the awning this weekend in the form of; Blake Ward-Clarke on the 85cc Big Wheel machine, and Joe Brookes, a rookie in the Pro MX2 class.

The morning started well for both riders as they headed out on track for Practice and Timed Qualifying. Blake out first, he managed to claim 7th gate pick, putting down a fast lap in the early stages of the session. Brookes secured 12th place amongst a stacked field of MX2 riders, also setting the time later in the session as the track broke down.

In Moto 1, Blake got out the gate well, putting himself within the top 10. He worked hard all race to solidify his position, despite many battles he faced amongst multiple riders. A solid race, bringing it home in 7th position.

Moto 1 looked a little different than usual for Joe Brookes, after a mechanical issues with the start gates forced the riders to start under a flag start. Brookes didn’t let it phase him as he got out the gate well, sitting within the top 12. After setting lap times well within the top 10, Joe struggled with the aggression of the class, and couldn’t find a way to push forwards. A small crash after the midpoint of the race gave him even more work to do, and he managed to make it to the line in 19th – still collecting some points.

In Moto 2, Blake Ward-Clarke saw himself inside the top 10 out the gate once again. He battled hard around 6/7th position for the first few laps, until he took an unfortunate crash, landing on his back. Due to the nature of the injury, the race was forced to stop, meaning Blake wasn’t able to finish. He eventually got up after the initial shock, and is okay after the crash. He will return next weekend.

Moto 2 for Brookes was frustrating once again with another issue with the start gates. Joe’s gate didn’t drop for the first two starts, causing re-starts both times. The race finally got underway after the third restart, and after all the start gate confusion, it was no surprise it was difficult to get into the racing for Brookes. He found himself just inside the top 20 to begin with, and pushed through until the end of the race to come home in 15th. The results not reflecting Joe’s speed today, after things not going his way. He’ll regroup and go racing again next weekend.

This weekend, Joe and Blake with both head to a new, incredible looking track in Methyr Tydfil, Wales. ‘Monster Mountain’ will be Round 2 of the Michelin MX Nationals.