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Jack & Billy share the spoils at Rogershill! ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship Rounds 1 & 2 – Race Report & Results

Jack & Billy share the spoils at Rogershill! ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship Rounds 1 & 2 – Race Report & Results

This weekend, we were at Rogershill Raceway just outside Bere Regis in Dorset for the first round of the ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship. The series is always popular because of it’s challenging yet exciting format of eight fast-paced enduro laps across the day.

Report and Images courtesy of Tilde Tighe – www.foto-x.co.uk

With over 130 riders ready to go each morning, the first competitors set off at 10am.

14 laps were completed in total over the weekend and no two were the same- especially in the Pro class!

The Championship class was as competitive as ever, with Billy Bolt happy to win again following his British Extreme victory at Cowm Quarry last weekend. However, he had his work cut out for him in the form of Jack Edmondson and Fast Eddy racing frontman Tom Sagar. The three of them swapped places in the top 3 throughout the 14 tests, with Billy achieving 7 first places, Jack 6 and Tom 1. It was such close racing between them that only two other riders, Alex Walton and Tom Ellwood, made it into the top 3 all weekend! Alex Walton managed to secure an impressive five 3rd place finishes across the weekend to place 4th overall, followed by Tom Ellwood in fifth.

The level of competition in the Expert class was outstanding as usual as Jack Rowland and Alfie Webb took turns claiming test wins throughout the weekend, but in the end it was Jack who took the overall win with Alfie in second. Ryan Crowder finished 3rd on Day 1, but Ben Clarke achieved some redemption to move up to 3rd on Day 2, with his impressive test times allowing him to take 3rd overall for the weekend.

Much the same as the Championship and Expert classes, there was a hard fight for 1st place. In the Clubman class. Ryan Mundell and Ben Zeale kept swapping to take test wins across the weekend, but finished 1st and 2nd respectively after an incredible battle. Third place went to Cory Cookland after he finished 3rd on Day 1 and 5th on Day 2.

In the Vets, it was Adam Smith who conquered and won the class both Saturday and Sunday. Arran Crowder rose to the challenge Smith was bringing to the class and took second place both days, with Karl Greenall in third place on Day 1 and Ryan Griffiths taking the final podium spot on Day 2.

Jadyn Giles dominated the Sportsman class to take the win on Day 1 and finished with 24 seconds to spare on second placed Liam Crowe. Corey Davies took third place on Day 1 but was pushed off the podium on Day 2. As if out of nowhere, Ollie Samways rose to victory on Day 2, pushing Jadyn Giles and Liam Crowe into second and third.

In one of the most competitive weekends for the Ladies class, with 7 riders, it was an impressive feat for Leonnie Tighe to take first overall. However, if you’d have seen her ride, you would agree that she really deserved the win! Second in class was Gabbi Hamlet who put in consistent times over the weekend, followed by Emily Hall in third.

The top spot in the Youth (Under 16) class was awarded to Sion Evans, starting as he means to go on for the rest of the Sprint series. Henry Life put the pressure on Sion in every test, placing second both days and therefore second overall. Fast Eddy Fantic Racing rider Jack Sandland was never far behind the top two and placed third both days to put him on the podium in third overall.

On behalf of the Fast Eddy Team, we give our best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery to youth rider Endaf Hughes who had an unfortunate crash on Sunday that ended up in a hospital stay with a broken leg.

As always a massive thank you to the Fast Eddy team and everyone that supports us, see you in a few days for what will be an incredible long weekend at Hawkstone Park!

Round 1 Results – Saturday 

sprint rounds 1 & 2 – day 1 RESULTS

Round 2 Results – Sunday

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