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It’s tough at the top. 2024 Lincolnshire Enduro Championship Round 3 – Race Report and Results

It’s tough at the top. 2024 Lincolnshire Enduro Championship Round 3 – Race Report and Results

Looking at the available three “R’s” (“Records/Results/Riders”) for Lincolnshire Enduro Club over the past 8 years, its back to its very first year when a rider in the Experts class won every single round in one particular year to take the title. That rider was George Birchall, way back in 2017.

Race Report by Martin Southwick – Images courtesy of Billy Parker

With another victory at the weekend though, Bawtry lad Jack Rowland has his sights set on at least equalling that, with this his third win on the bounce. Taking place over a somewhat shortened course at Dembley Heath, there were only two riders in class to achieve sixteen laps when the three hour finish flag descended. Its not like Jack will find that accomplishment easy though, he is being hunted down all the time. Once again, it was the current title holder making sure any victory was hard won. Reigning Champion Dan Johnson and Jack’s lap times were very evenly matched throughout the race. In fact it was only on three occasions when they could be separated by more than just a few seconds per lap. Those three occasions came towards the end of the race. It was on lap’s 11, 12, and 13 where the elastic may have become somewhat stretched between the two. As always though, it is down to fine margins; Jack’s win was by just over one minute. With another third place to his name, Lucas Travers is waiting in the wings for any unseen “errors” from the top two. He was though, a full lap down on Jack and Dan this time out.

“The Heath”, is fairly well known these days as being one of the longer and faster courses on the clubs fixture list. Track’s here have been as long as twelve miles but this time out it was shortened to just under six miles. With a mixture of some of the quick stuff found in previous years, woodland areas to get through and a few “bomb holes” to negotiate, some of the 126 riders may have found the heat pretty hard to contend with also. With the warmth and humidity on Sunday, it may have made up for the first two races of this year, which were seen as perfect for racing in.

The closest race of the day came in the Sportsman 2T class, which delivered the biggest class of the day once again too, with 32 riders entered. The winner of the last round Jodie Lambley, had to succumb to the runner up spot this time out. He was beaten by Jake Wilson, who must have been elbow bashing with his rival throughout; they could only be separated by 16 seconds over the 13 laps. Just over a minute behind the front runners, but on the same amount of laps was Christian Humphrey. This was Christian’s 3rd place on the trot and as we saw with the Experts class in 2023, consistency is key. The rider who takes the years crown does not necessarily have to win one single race !

The other Sportsman group (the 4T’s), saw a win that was a bit more defined than in the “valveless class”. Simon Owen came away with another clear win, by nigh on 4 minutes. Also on 13 laps was Charlie Edwards who took the second step of the podium. The runner up last time out Barrie Atherton, yielded to the other rostrum place on this occasion, albeit a full lap adrift. In the Clubman class, Nicholas King has probably gone down as a very early title contender for the year. Sunday saw a second win of the year for him, to go with his runner up placing last time out at Willingham. On the same amount of laps as Nicholas was Darren Wells in the runner up spot. This is a vast improvement from Willingham in mid April when Darren couldn’t quite make the podium places. Also on 14 laps was 3rd placed rider Alex Cumberland. This adds to his high points tally from rounds 2 and 3, and a maiden victory for the year must surely be just around the corner. Andy Myers has made an early bid for a title this year.

In the Over 40’s, this second win of the campaign has added more points to the runner up position he achieved back in March at Ashby. However, Lee Hattersley has gone marginally better perhaps. Lee was runner up on Sunday, which adds to two earlier victories in the clubs first two races. Lee now has a narrow lead for the year. Not seen on top of any race leader board this year so far, Richard Cookland took third place this time out.

Alan Vissian added more points to his runner up spot last month, with a win this time out by over two minutes in the Over 50’s. In the same group, Lee Smith went one better than last month too with a silver medal this time, whilst Ian Shepherd did similar. He improved in this race by one spot, taking third overall. Only three in the class attained 14 laps at the race end.

In the Over 60’s, it was second win of the year for Mark Peckitt, with Kevin Bartle Sr in second place some 4 minutes adrift. A lap down was a newcomer to the podium for this year, Ricky Widdowson in third. Into the newest class within the club, Neil Tapper now has a Hat Trick of wins for 2024 with the Slam bike class, with family member Joe taking 2nd spot. Kyle Ardito took the Bronze medal. Two attendees entered the Trail/Classic bike group, Sean Price taking the win from Andrew Malkinson. Six Beginners were also on the start line at 10.30 AM. Well done to you all.

The clubs next race is on June 23rd at, where they are back to North Willingham. All details of the club are here (for members)…(https://www.facebook.com/groups/LincolnshireEnduroClub) . . . . . . . . . . . and here for non members.. (https://lincolnshireenduro.wixsite.com)/lec2016


Pos Name Time Category
1 Jack ROWLAND 03:09:17 Expert
2 Dan JOHNSON 03:10:54 Expert
3 Lucas TRAVERS 03:04:25 Expert
4 Wesley BELL 03:12:21 Expert
5 Andrew MYERS 03:01:12 Over 40s
6 Lee HATTERSLEY 03:02:51 Over 40s
7 Nicholas KING 03:02:52 Clubman
8 Alan VISSIAN 03:06:15 Over 50s
9 Darren WELLS 03:06:44 Clubman
10 Alex CUMBERLAND 03:07:53 Clubman
11 Josh HAMILTON 03:08:23 Expert
12 Lee SMITH 03:08:45 Over 50s
13 James PALMER 03:09:55 Clubman
14 Richard COOKLAND 03:11:40 Over 40s
15 Richard PRICE 03:11:51 Over 40s
16 Gregory SIMS 03:12:54 Expert
17 Ian SHEPHERD 03:20:50 Over 50s
18 Andrew JACKSON 03:00:28 Over 50s
19 Darren COX 03:00:33 Expert
20 Gareth LODGE 03:02:55 Over 50s
21 Luke HOWSON 03:03:15 Clubman
22 Dan BROWN 03:04:45 Over 40s
23 Leon DOLBY 03:05:02 Clubman
24 Bobby BARROWS 03:05:33 Clubman
25 Jake WILSON 03:08:18 Sportman 2T
26 Jodie LAMBLEY 03:08:34 Sportman 2T
27 Chris BELFORD 03:09:13 Over 40s
28 Simon OWEN 03:10:05 Sportman 4T
29 Christian HUMPHREY 03:10:08 Sportman 2T
30 Stuart ELLIS 03:11:11 Sportman 2T
31 Mark PECKITT 03:11:46 Over 60s
32 Ben HAMPEL 03:11:48 Over 40s
33 Will TARRANT 03:12:11 Sportman 2T
34 Jules CROFT 03:12:19 Over 50s
35 Stuart CRYER 03:12:38 Over 50s
36 Antony JELLEY 03:12:57 Over 50s
37 Charlie EDWARDS 03:13:44 Sportman 4T
38 Kevin BARTLE 03:15:04 Over 60s
39 Neil TAPPER 03:00:23 Slam
40 David CLARK 03:01:15 Over 40s
41 Tony CHAWNER 03:02:16 Over 40s
42 Desmond O?SULLIVAN 03:02:16 Sportman 2T
43 Marc WORRALL 03:02:19 Over 40s
44 Paul SNELL 03:02:38 Over 50s
45 Warren MYLES 03:03:51 Sportman 2T
46 Kenton COX 03:04:47 Sportman 2T
47 Finlay HARRIS 03:05:18 Clubman
48 Tom FIDDIES 03:05:26 Sportman 2T
49 Paul GREWCOCK 03:05:43 Over 50s
50 Thomas LENAGH 03:06:31 Sportman 2T
51 Barrie ATHERTON 03:08:00 Sportman 4T
52 Paige FELIPES 03:11:09 Sportman 4T
53 Thomas SERGEANT 03:12:14 Sportman 2T
54 Andrew BURCHNALL 03:12:26 Over 40s
55 Mark BROWN 03:12:35 Over 50s
56 Roger KIRK 03:14:03 Over 50s
57 Spencer SMITH 03:14:10 Sportman 4T
58 Robin MCKINNON 03:14:46 Over 50s
59 Paul GELL 03:14:47 Over 50s
60 Jaden HOLLINGWORTH 03:00:47 Sportman 2T
61 Oliver SHAW 03:00:50 Sportman 2T
62 Brandon HILL 03:01:03 Sportman 2T
63 Riley HILL 03:01:39 Sportman 2T
64 Julian BENNETT 03:01:48 Over 50s
65 Matthew VALENTINE 03:03:42 Sportman 2T
66 Ross PEARSON 03:04:29 Sportman 4T
67 Nathan NEWMAN 03:05:23 Sportman 2T
68 Joe TAPPER 03:05:31 Slam
69 Kevin CROWN 03:05:53 Over 50s
70 Steve LANGLEY 03:06:42 Over 50s
71 Andrew SMITH 03:09:02 Over 40s
72 Alex ROTHWELL 03:11:43 Sportman 4T
73 Richard VAWSER 03:11:50 Over 50s
74 Paul MULHOLLAND 03:12:18 Over 50s
75 Callum COWLISHAW 03:12:41 Sportman 2T
76 Steven DICKINSON 03:12:52 Over 50s
77 Ted JOHNSON 03:13:43 Sportman 2T
78 Stephen SLATER 03:14:18 Sportman 4T
79 Kevin BARTLE 03:15:03 Over 40s
80 Sean PRICE 03:19:51 Trial/Classic
81 Shaun AVISON 03:00:03 Over 50s
82 Kyle ARDITO 03:03:19 Slam
83 Adrian HALL 03:05:27 Sportman 4T
84 Andre JORDAN 03:07:04 Sportman 2T
85 Harvey CASTLE 03:12:49 Sportman 2T
86 Adrian SKELTON 03:14:58 Sportman 2T
87 Bradley HILL 03:08:30 Sportman 2T
88 Ricky WIDDOWSON 03:10:28 Over 60s
89 Flavio COSTA 03:16:54 Sportman 4T
90 Finley CHEYNE 03:20:42 Sportman 2T
91 Kevin CONNELL 03:05:15 Over 60s
92 Paul REDFORD 03:05:25 Over 50s
93 Steven DIBNAH 03:07:52 Beginners
94 Kevin DENNIS 03:09:06 Sportman 4T
95 Neil KERSEY 03:00:05 Beginners
96 Victor TIZON 03:05:32 Clubman
97 William ROBERTSON 03:17:13 Beginners
98 Andrew MALKINSON 03:03:21 Trial/Classic
99 Mark ALLAN 03:06:20 Over 60s