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HOW TO WATCH: WSX Round Two from Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Stadium!

HOW TO WATCH: WSX Round Two from Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Stadium!

To watch Round Two of the World Supercross Championship from Abu Dhabi, the simplest way, of course, it to pay a small fee – $8.99 to be precise, around £7.30 for British viewers – and watch it live or on demand with WSX TV.  That includes commentary from the classic team of Ralph Sheheen and Jeff Emig, and if you strain your ears you might hear Britain’s own Jeff Perrett commentating on-site, just like Arenacross UK!

Words: Ben Rumbold/WSX, Images: World Supercross Championship

The event starts properly at 12:30pm UK time (that’s lunchtime, not the middle of the night!).  Racing is set to be action packed with Germany’s Ken Roczen going head to head with Supercross supervillain Vince Friese on a unique track layout featuring an external rhythm section and for the first time in WSX history, a ‘double stacked’ start line sure to create some carnage!

Here is the link for that: Round 02 World Supercross Championship • Abu Dhabi GP 2023 | Saturday 4th November (

To whet your appetite, you will be able to watch Qualifying for free, plus there is a highlights package from previous races and team profiles to view as well.

In the UK, the Channel 4 coverage from the first round does not appear to be repeated, but good old Eurosport will be showing a one-hour wrap-up on Tuesday the 7th at 9:30pm UK time.  Don’t bother trying to search for “Supercross” or “WSX” on your trusty speech recognition button, because that doesn’t work! It’s on Eurosport 1, HD if you have it, on 9:30pm Tuesday night.

If you are subscribed to Discovery+, the App which holds all archive footage for Eurosport and TNT Sports, then it is being shown Live on that from 12:30 to 14:30 in the UK as well.  This can be watched on demand on either Sky boxes or on any device which you have the App loaded onto.

Here is a brief table for other territories. To be fair, a whole night of Supercross racing in November, with two top British racers in the mix plus Kenny Roczen, for the price of a four-pint-can-pack of Stella really can’t be that bad can it? Enjoy the footage!


Watch Deano Wilson dish out moves like this on Saturday night!