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Grahame & Henderson snatch tie breaker glory! Nora MX Sidecarcross Championship Finale – Race Report, Results and Standings

Grahame & Henderson snatch tie breaker glory! Nora MX Sidecarcross Championship Finale – Race Report, Results and Standings

The NORA MX Club hosted the seventh and final round of the NORA Sidecar MX championships of 2022 at Culham in Oxfordshire. It was part of another fantastic two-day quad championship event which incorporated the sixth round of the NORA sidecar Championship.

Report and Images by Tracy Thacker

After the rain over the past week the track was in great condition, and the weather was kind. Day one saw some rain overnight which helped with the dust, and day two was cloudy with no further rain, racing conditions were great.

In the sidecar class, it was great to see Dan Foden back from QMX Des Nations with a Silver Medal, he had stand in passenger Jack Wilkinson in the chair for the weekend. As a GP team they couldn’t win NORA championship points but joined the regular teams in three great races. At the start of the day, Taylor Whitt / Sam Marshall were just 15 points ahead of Tony Grahame/ Ryan Henderson, so the battle for the championship lead was on.

In race one Dan Foden / Jack Wilkinson took an early lead blasting ahead to take their first win of the day. Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson tucked into a safe second, behind the battle was on for third. Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow held third and were chased by Taylor Whitt / Sam Marshall, but they couldn’t find a way past. Tony Murch / John Murch stayed close in fifth.

In race two it was Dan Foden / Jack Wilkinson who led from bend one to take a second great win. Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson charged into second with Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow third. Jack Rogers/ Ryan Beavis held fourth until Taylor Whitt / Sam Marshall passed, but they still couldn’t find a way past Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow.

In the final sidecar race of the day Dan Foden / Jack Wilkinson once again dominated, taking their third win of the day. Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson held second from the start. Paul Pelling / Mike Curnow tucked into third with Taylor Whitt / Sam Marshall close behind, but that wasn’t enough to clinch the championship – They scored equal points with Tony Grahame / Ryan Henderson, but they had won the most races across the season, just snatching the championship from them. A great season of racing from both teams.

After another fantastic weekend we look forward to the prize giving and watch out for the Nora MX plans for next season.


Pos Competitor Points R1 R2 R3
1 Tony Grahame/ Ryan Henderson 120 40 40 40
2 Paul Pelling / Michael Curnow 111 37 37 37
3 Taylor Whitt Sam Marshall 105 35 35 35
4 John Murch/ Tony Murch 95 33 31 31
5 Jack Rogers/ Ryan Beavis 93 31 33 29
6 Ashlie Williams / Dug Woods 88 27 28 33
7 Luke Banks / Jake Grahame 83 26 29 28
8 Mark Stokes/ Luke Townsend 81 28 26 27
9 James Whitt/ Blake Stevens 56 29 27
10 Gareth Thomas/ Nerijus Kondrotas 25 25

Final Standings