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Futures Friday: Your guide to the 2024 British Motocross Calendar!

Futures Friday: Your guide to the 2024 British Motocross Calendar!

So, here we are on Futures Friday, and it just had to happen – pretty much no progress on the rider front this week, so we’ve got something different for you – a full calendar breakdown for the top events in the country, as well as in MXGP and the AMA Nationals. It’s looking pretty full, even if it is only provisional!

Words: Ben Rumbold

The only rider announcement came from the Lexa MX squad, confirming that Calum Mitchell will be staying with them, although only competing in selected British races rather than any full Championship here.Calum did express interest in the new NORA92 Pro Championship that has been announced to be running 4 races in the UK, and two overseas, a setup that he describes as “awesome”!

With that in mind, this is how the 2024 outdoor season looks month-by-month after the provisional calendars have been announced.  We’ve included the MXGP rounds and the various EMX races that go with them, as well as the AMA Nationals which have been a particularly favourite diversion for some British-based riders in recent years.

As well as those big international races, you can see that all of the major domestic national-level Championships and big events have been shown here.  Note that the new NORA92 Pro Champs is not to be confused with the NORA92 British Cup, which upgrades from one round to three this season.  The final BSMA Championship round has also not had its date set yet, it just says “August” on their calendar for that.

If you think that we’ve missed any, please let us know in the comments. This doesn’t include the Hawkstone International which is of course on the last weekend of February, or the Arenacross Tour which happens during the first two months of the year. This is mainly to show what options there are for riders, and of course spectators, to choose their events and plan their outdoor Motocross season.

Venues have been put in where they’ve been announced, and of course as this is a work in progress it will be updated once any changes come through.

Here’s to an awesome 2024!