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Franklin on form! Scunthorpe Summer Flat Track Championship Round 3 – Report and Results

Franklin on form! Scunthorpe Summer Flat Track Championship Round 3 – Report and Results


The 2020 Scunthorpe Summer Flat Track Championship continued on Sunday with the third round of the series and again a great entry showed up to enjoyed their racing on the superbly prepped oval circuit.

Images courtesy of Ian Rispin

Jack Bell once again proved to be the master of both the Flat Track and Minibike classes and in doing so keeps his unbeaten run of rounds in both classes to top the standings in both. Tom Laycock and Luke Gardner battled it out for second in the Flat Track group and after tieing on points it came down to the final between them where Laycock would finish second ahead of Gardner in third.

In the Minibike class Peter Kimber fought hard finishing second behind Bell with Simon Field in third although in the final Neil Mcdermott got in on the action and took the third spot on the podium.

In the Junior One group Jack Franklin went through the card in an impressive display, showing his talent for the sport, George Brannon was second with Charlie Hocaniuk third. It is Brannon though that tops the Championship standings after winning rounds one and two.

Wag Scott 197, Simon Field 13, Jo Kirkland 19 in Mini Bikes

Paddy Moore continued his great run of form in Junior Two winning each and every race over Alfie Croft in second and Mikey Robbins third. Issues for Wyatt Hopkins halted his run but he is still in contention for the title.

Jane Sherwood, Wag Scott and Annemarie Kenyeres – Ladies class winners

Wag Scott and Annemare Kenyeres duked it out for the Ladies win but it was Scott who would take the win 3-2 including taking the chequered flag in the final. Just two points separate these two in the championship standings with Scott in the lead. Rachel Pledge rode well for third.

Dee Hardwick, Luke Potter and Emma Norman – Vintage MX-Dirt Bike Class

In the Vintage Flat Track class Aaron Tuttlebee and Odgie Danann resumed their battle for the title with Tuttlebee on this occasion being the victor, with now just one point separating them at the top of the standings. Scott Speed would finish third.

Arron Brannan, Jeff Tuttlebee and Chris Francis in the Inappropriates Class

Jonny Holmes played second fiddle to Iain Harris Jnr in the heats but in the final he reigned supreme and took the win over Iain Harrison Snr and Julian Shaw. In the VMX Luke Potter took the win, with Dee Hardwick second and Emma Norman third.

Jane Sherwood, Rachel Pledge, Annemarie Kenyeres and Wag Scott in Ladies Class

On points Nick Linnell took the top spot in the Street Comp category over Rick Owen and Ieuan Hughes, but in the final Hughes got the bit between his teeth and snatched the win. Luke Potter was the Street track victor, gaining the advantage over Cid Norman in the final.

Iain Harrison 96, Jack Bell 93, Luke Gardner 159 in the FT class

Christopher Smith upped his game in the second half of the meeting to beat Inappropriate series leader Arron Brannan in the final with Jeff Tuttlebee third.

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Robin Brown 53, Nick Linnell 21 and Ieuan Hughes 163 in Street Comp Class