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Flippin’ crazy! Olivia Reynolds bound for the US of A!

Flippin’ crazy! Olivia Reynolds bound for the US of A!

Pocket rocket Olivia Reynolds is set to complete a life ambition, at the ripe old age of…..10! Olivia has been turning heads in the UK with her all-action style and since she moved up to the 65cc class she’s gone to another level. Not just with her racing but also her style and courage over the jumps. Following her on Instagram you’ll regularly see videos of her throwing whips, one-handers and no-handed landings.

Interview & Words by Jeff Perrett – Images courtesy of Ben Reynolds and Blobfish Media

One such person was so impressed with her skills and courage that he invited her to come and ride some ramps and dirt with him. That person just happens to be dirt bike God – Travis Pastrana! So, all being well with Covid restrictions Olivia is off to Pastranaland to have a go at backflipping her KTM with her idol and then also taking part in Red Bull’s Day in the Dirt. Fairytale stuff, even though she’s more warrior than Princess. Struggling to contain her excitement here’s what she had to say.

Dirt Hub: Incredible news on getting invited out to Travis’ house. How did it all come about?

Olivia: Well last year I shared a video of me doing a dab no hander lander and Nitro Circus shared it. Then they asked if we could make a short video that they could post, so I did that with Josh’s (Josh Spinks) help and once they posted it Travis saw and messaged me.

DH: I bet your parents have had to scrape you off the ceiling!

Olivia: Haha I just can’t believe it, my dream is coming true, it’s the best thing to ever happen to me, I’m so excited I can’t wait to get out there with Travis.

DH: So how did your journey in MX begin? What made you want to become an MX rider?

Olivia: I loved bikes when I was little, I wanted to sit on every bike that I saw, my parents started putting MX videos on their phones to keep me quiet and eventually they realised they had to get me a bike for that. It all started at 3 with my pw50. I didn’t know I wanted to be an MX rider I just wanted to ride a bike.

DH: Outside of this amazing trip, what are your other plans for 2021?

Olivia: Not sure yet, waiting to get home from America and this virus to go. I have got something else exciting and awesome planned but that’s all I’m allowed to say.

DH: How do your school friends react to what you do? Do they even know what MX is?

Olivia: A lot of them don’t really know about MX and think I’m either lying or I’m on a pushbike. But a couple of my friends come with me sometimes to racing and they really like it they have even had a go on my bike before. The teachers are really good and always ask me questions.

DH: You’ve already really started to turn heads in the sport. Notably a lot of boys who were looking behind them and are now seeing you in front of them. Have any of the lads shown frustration when you’ve beaten them?

Olivia: Sometimes yeah they get frustrated just like I do when I lose but we don’t fall out. I’ve got some really good friends at the track.

DH: I’m pretty sure your ambition is to be a professional racer or FMX rider one day. You’re already a female role model really and it looks like you have some good people supporting.

Olivia: Yes definitely but I don’t know which I’ll end up yet I enjoy doing both. I’m very lucky I have some really great sponsors helping me and a lot of my sponsors from last year have remained but we have also just got some new guys on board for the trip to America so I’ve got some announcements to make soon.

You can follow Olivia and her adventures on her Instagram account