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Falcon Motocross Club resurrected for 2021

Falcon Motocross Club resurrected for 2021

The Falcon Motocross Club which was founded way back in 1980 has been resurrected for 2021 after it had laid dormant for a number of years.  In an age where more clubs are closing their doors, it is fantastic to see a club emerge for what hopefully will be a great year for the sport.

Feature Image courtesy of Dave Rich

The club which is based in the North East will be running classes for Auto’s to Experts with everyone welcome as Vice Chairman Kym Nicholl explains, “We decided to bring back Falcon MX so that racing can return to the Northeast as a lot of riders were travelling hours to race. Our catchment area is the whole of the North East, and this season we are using Dalton MX, PJMX, Schoolhouse, Iron Works, Blues Burns and Duns.

“Once we decided we wanted to bring the club back we had a huge response from the MX community wanting to be involved and help any way they could. Everyone we have spoken to have been very positive and having committee members who have kids riding themself has also helped.

“Falcon MX are here for everyone whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have hope to grow bigger and better as the season goes on.”

The club can be contacted via their facebook page

or by contacting any of the committee members.

The committee is as follows:

Chairman- Tony Tennant.
Vice Chairman- Kym Nicoll.
Secretary-Linda Petfield-Chas Bowring Rood.
Treasurer-Joe Tennant-Dave Petfield.
The clubs 2o21 dates are;

Meet and Greet Practice and Race Day – 13th & 14th February @ Blue Barns

Club Championship
Round 1 & 2 – 27th & 28th Febuary @ PJMX
Round 3 & Practice – 6th & 7th March @ Dalton
Round 4 & 5 – 3rd & 4th April @ Blue Barns
Round 6 & 7 – 15th & 16th May @ Iron Works
Round 8 & Practice – 29th & 30th May @ Schoolhouse MX
Round 9 & 10 – 17th & 18th July @ Dalton
Round 11, 12 & Practice – 28th, 29th & 30th August @Duns