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TORQ MOTO – Kurt Nicoll Part 2 – Inside KTM and Nitro Circus

TORQ MOTO – Kurt Nicoll Part 2 – Inside KTM and Nitro Circus

This week’s episode of the Torq Moto Podcast Show driven by Talon welcomes back Kurt Nicoll to talk more about his prolific motocross career in the sport, both on and off the bike.

Following on from episode one a month back where host ‘Jeffro’ Perrett and Rob ‘DocWob’ Walters sat down with Kurt to talk about how his MX career started as a son of a former GP racer Dave Nicoll through to his early years in the British adult motocross, the 500cc World championship and his part as ‘Captain Kurt’ in the last British winning MX of Nations team of 1994.

Episode two delves more into the latter part of Kurt’s career and his life since retiring from racing. The trio discuss the beginning of the end of Kurt’s career, a successful sortie in SuperMoto and falling into team management in a big way as KTM’s motocross race director. A job that would lead him to America where he now resides and ultimately ended up working with Travis Pastrana as a lead figure behind the scenes of Nitro Circus before starting his own business in ‘Champion MX California Vacations’. No doubt about it, Kurt is having more fun and enjoying the sport now than he’s ever done, and that clearly comes across in both episodes of Torq Moto. And, man, can he still go fast on an MX bike!

The second episode of the Kurt Nicoll interview is now live and can be watched below: