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Throwback Thursday: British Championship 2013 – MX2 Class

Throwback Thursday: British Championship 2013 – MX2 Class

Here’s a little look-back for you while we are here in the depths of winter, waiting for the new season to start – 10 years ago the British Championship was sponsored by Maxxis Tyres, in a partnership that still leads casual observers to call the British Championships “The Maxxis” even though they dropped back from title sponsorship some years ago.

Words: Ben Rumbold, Images: MXGB

In the MX2 class, Elliott Banks-Browne wore the #1 plate for HM plant KTM, and had to fend off the attentions of the late Frenchman Steven Lenoir, Neville Bradshaw on the Putoline Honda, Bryan Mackenzie, and future stars who are still active such as Martin Barr, Nathan Watson, Adam Sterry, and Steven Clarke.

Jake Nichols grabs the holeshot at Lyng, where he wouldn’t be beaten all day on a wildcard ride.

Mel Pocock and Jake Nicholls made their mark with moto wins but were concentrating on races overseas.

The Championship schedule was as follows:

  1. 17th March – FatCat
  2. 7th April – Lyng
  3. 12th May – Milton MX Park, Northampton
  4. 2nd June – Foxhill
  5. 23rd June – Desertmartin
  6. 11th August – Hawkstone Park
  7. 6th October – Farleigh Castle

The second round was scheduled to be at Canada Heights, but was cancelled due to weather – funny how history repeats itself, isn’t it?!

Ultimately, EBB took the title after winning rounds 1, 3, and 7, and through steady consistency throughout the year. Lenoir came in 2nd, just holding off a late charge from Bradshaw who finished just 5 points behind him.  Pocock put in an early moto win at FatCat after a first moto DNF, and Nichols’ only appearance resulted in a maximum score at Lyng. Again, a wild card won there in 2023 also, in the shape of Jack Chambers!

Nev Bradshaw showed his love of hard-pack with the overall at Foxhill – 10 years before a VMXdN class win there – and Bryan Mackenzie took a popular win at Desertmartin as Martin Barr climbed the podium on home soil after a loudly-cheered 3rd moto win – oh yes, three motos per day back then!  Nathan Watson showed his future potential with the overall at Hawkstone Park, before EBB wrapped things up with the overall win at Farleigh Castle – the last time the British Championships would ever race there….

Here is the Final Championship table – spot those names! Then a few archive shots to jog your memory:


Graeme Irwin flies the Suzuki at Hawkstone Park.


Nichols proved to be untouchable at Lyng on the Wilvo Nestaan KTM.


Harri Kullas made a guest appearance at Foxhill Moto Park, long before he became a regular on these shores.


Martin Barr took a popular moto win at Desertmartin.


Nev Bradshaw was a force all year on the Putoline Honda.


Nathan Watson was always good on sand, as seen here in winning form at Hawkstone Park.


Desertmartin got wet!


Check out the TLD gear on Bradshaw! Foxhill Moto Park Podium, also featuring Bryan Mackenzie and Elliott Banks-Browne.


Irwin claims the holeshot at Farleigh Castle. Skipping up the inside is a teenage Arminas Jasikonis from Lithuania, #77.


A happy HM Plant team celebrate EBB becoming a double British Champion! He is still winning British Champs motos ten years on!