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Team GB get prepared for 2024 World Junior Championships

Team GB get prepared for 2024 World Junior Championships

Getting well ahead in the preparation for the 2024 World Junior Championships, Team GB is declaring its intent to get ready properly as this year the event will be a little closer to home than previously, with just over a 4-hour drive from Calais taking you to the Dutch circuit of Heerde.

Words: Ben Rumbold & Team GB, Featured Image: Team GB Social Media

Here is the statement from the Team GB social media page:

“Announcement : We’re excited to inform everybody that the 2024 Junior World Championships will be held in Holland at the MX Track at Heerde on the 3rd & 4th of August.

Our team is gearing up and looking forward to this upcoming event. We will be setting up open training days for everyone to join in on. We will also be rolling out a structured program that will help us prepare and take our best possible version to this event. So, if you’re interested in training with us, be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on our social and media pages. Let’s go and show what we can do in Holland 2024. #TeamGBJW”

Is this Oakhanger> No, it’s Heerde, venue for the 2024 World Junior Championships. (Image: Circuit kamperweg Website)


Yup, that looks like sand…


The Circuit Kamperweg is a professional and permanent facility.