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Stark Future and Big Bets agrees on 25 Million Euro credit facility to propel Stark’s production expansion

Stark Future and Big Bets agrees on 25 Million Euro credit facility to propel Stark’s production expansion

Stark Future, a leading innovator in Performance Electric Motorcycles and Technology, is excited to announce the finalization of a 25 million euro credit facility with Big Bets, one of the leading start-up investors and active backer of successful repeat entrepreneurs.

This strategic financing represents a significant milestone for Stark Future and will serve as crucial working capital, empowering the company to further expand its production capacity and accelerate its ambitious goals for the global phenomenon the Stark VARG electric motocross bike.

The credit facility agreement underscores Stark Future’s commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking initiatives, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the electric mobility sector. The funds will be directed toward bolstering production capabilities, optimizing manufacturing processes, and advancing research and development endeavors related to the Stark VARG.

Big Bets has been a shareholder in Stark for two years and has closely monitored the remarkable progress and development of the business. Anton Gauffin, Founding Partner of Big Bets, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We have high conviction in Stark Future and we find the journey seen so far, the story of Mr. Anton Wass as one of the most remarkable founder stories we have ever encountered. So there definitely is a story and logical reasons why and how Stark Future is now doing incredible innovation and for us this partnership marks a significant step forward in our shared vision for Stark Future. We are committed to supporting its high growth trajectory and contributing to its success in the electric motorcycle industry.”

Anton Wass, CEO of Stark Future, commented, “We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Big Bets, a valued partner that shares our vision for innovation and sustainability. This credit facility will provide us with the necessary resources to drive our expansion and solidify our position as a leader in the electric motorcycle market.”

Reflecting on the collaboration, Anton Wass further added, “We at Stark are very glad to further expand the cooperation with Anton and his team, in order to continue to grow Stark Future into the electric leader of the motorcycle industry.”

The agreement between Big Bets and Stark Future signifies a mutual commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the electric vehicle market. With this additional substantial financial backing, Stark Future is poised to revolutionize the off-road industry, offering riders unparalleled performance, versatility, and sustainability.

Words and Images by Stark Future

About Big Bets

Big Bets, established in 2015 by Anton Gauffin, is a dynamic Family Office that operates at the intersection of entrepreneurship, investment, and gaming. Anton is also the founder and Chairman of Huuuge Games, a globally recognized gaming juggernaut listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

Huuuge has so far released two +billion dollar gaming franchises – Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino. In 2023, Huuuge reported record profitability, generating +$108M USD EBITDA

At Big Bets, we specialize in crafting iconic brands and serving as long-term, visionary partners in epic startup growth journeys. Our network includes elite founders, top athletes, and world-class creators. We offer capital, entrepreneur-centric funding solutions, and our network to empower our partners’ success.

About Stark Future

Stark Future is a multinational company, established in 2020 with Swedish roots but located on the fringes of Barcelona. Making the most of Catalunya’s reputation as one of Europe’s automotive industries ‘hotspots’, Stark Future was able to construct a dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable team from the best of both the motorcycle and power electronics industries.

They rapidly started work on the first model of an ambitious catalog of next-generation electric motorcycles. The Stark VARG is the result. The highly advanced technology has been dutifully evolved at the firm’s factory, where robotic assembly lines are producing the Stark VARG and forthcoming models to order.

The Stark VARG itself is a strong definition of the company’s values. Stark Future wants to challenge the norm to improve things, search for the limit, adapt and set clear, smart, and inspiring goals, and deliver outstanding results.

About the Stark VARG

The Stark VARG, is the most powerful production motocross bike on the planet and the performance leader within its category. It was built to prove that electric technology is superior to gas, and inspire riders to switch to a sustainable alternative through a superior product.

Stark challenges the industry with its patent-pending technology and design features. With its cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and eco-friendly features, the Stark VARG offers a compelling solution to address the challenges of CO2 and plastic pollution.