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RMJ Rookie Academy and Jude Morris Racing Foundation Annual Rookie Award

RMJ Rookie Academy and Jude Morris Racing Foundation Annual Rookie Award

The RMJ Rookie Academy and Jude Morris Racing Foundation are excited to announce a new annual rookie rider award.

Each year the RMJ Rookie Academy coach some the best riders from the UK and have countless British titles to their credit. The Rookie Academy trains up to 30 riders; provides race support; off bike training and injury recover to their riders.

Former professional Motocross racer Ash Wilde is a big fan of technique and trains the riders at various tracks across the UK. The training builds through the winter months until riders are race ready at the beginning of the season.

The Jude Morris Racing Foundation Award – the aim of the award is to create professional Motocross athletes and role models and improve the level of professionalism in the sport. Mark Morris and the trustees of the foundation will attend some training days but will keep a watchful eye on the rider’s social media channels too. Social Media is an important aspect of the sport today, there has never been a better opportunity to showcase who you are and to represent your sponsors.  You only have to look at how the top riders in MX2 and MXGP use their social channels.

Along with hard work at the coaching sessions, the Jude Morris Racing Foundation will be looking for riders that excels in the following areas:

  • Polite
  • Well mannered
  • Hard working
  • Dedicated
  • Trustworthy
  • Self-motivated
  • Goal focused
  • Well presented
  • Have a good social media presence using the #JMR101 on all their posting, tagging in the RMJ Rookie Academy and Jude Morris Racing Foundation.

The Winner will receive:

  • A Bespoke trophy to keep for 12 months
  • Jude Morris Merch bundle consisting of:
  • A Beanie
  • A Trucker Hat
  • Hoodie
  • T-shirt
  • £250 cash for the rider

The winner will also go onto the shortlist for the selection process for the foundation riders the following year. This means they don’t need to apply you will automatically be on the shortlist of six.

Mark Morris, from The Jude Morris Racing Foundation, said “Jude developed so much working with Ash not only through his race craft, but also his professional approach. Jude and I had four amazing years with The RMJ Rookie Academy and being able to reward a rider that has the same values as Jude is a very positive way to create more role models and improve the sport of Moto-cross, something the foundation is committed to.”

Ashley Wilde, from RMJ, said “Jude Morris was an absolute pleasure to coach both on and off the bike.  Throughout the 4 years we worked together both him and his dad, Mark, have shown the RMJ Academy nothing but dedication and loyalty.

It’s an absolute honour that the Jude Morris Racing Foundation wants to work with the RMJ Academy to create this annual award for one of my Academy riders.  This award will be very special within my academy and one that will be very close to my heart.

I am so happy Mark is going to stay, not only in the sport, but also keep his presence within the Rookie Academy.  This annual Rookie award will be chosen by JMR Foundation and will be given to the rider who demonstrates the same values that Jude did as a young athlete.”

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