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Richardson Stands on top of the Summit Extreme! Raw Enduro Summit Extreme Enduro – Race Report & Results

Richardson Stands on top of the Summit Extreme! Raw Enduro Summit Extreme Enduro – Race Report & Results


Wayne Braybrook has a wealth of Extreme Enduro knowledge from first-hand experience. The latest high-end Extreme Race from RAW Enduro raised the bar for UK Extreme races, as Litton in West Yorkshire provided unrivalled terrain for a Battle Royale in all classes.

Report by Raw Media – Images courtesy of CH-Images – Video by JJones Enduro

After over a month of Wayne Braybrook test riding the terrain, GPS routes of the course plan, GO Pro footage filming, creating routes through virgin terrain, the end result was a two and a half hour Extreme race in a simply stunning location, made up of Limestone riverbeds, waterfalls, super steep climbs and jaw-dropping descents and trails around the Yorkshire Dales valleys.

Setting a blistering pace around the first lap, a top class line up of UK Extreme Pro riders were setting the spectators expectations on fire by showing off great skills and speed. Running up front Jarvis Husqvarna rider Jono Richardson is no stranger to this kind of terrain, with Beta UK Mounted Jack Spencer hot on his heels the pair traded places around the super-tough track. At the one and a half hour Mark, Clerk of the Course Wayne Braybrook opened the “Twister Loop” an insane uphill section which all Pro and Expert riders had to complete once.

Impossible to ride straight up, all riders had to cross the valley side at least 5 times to reach the Summit, lots of lifting and pushing in true Extreme enduro fashion. Richard Moorhouse benefitted most from the Twister, as his accent was the fastest of the day completing it in P2, an unfortunate Chain Guide breakage on his Sherco hampered his progress in the final stages of the race meaning he missed the extra lap. At the Flag, Jono Richardson took a five-minute winning margin from Jack Spencer in second, with Mitch Brightmore and Keelan Hancock separated by just 25 seconds at the flag. Brightmore finding the final step of the podium for his efforts on the day.

In the Expert Class, James Allen was the only expert to complete 8 laps taking the class win. Reece Gazzard made the trip across the water well worthwhile while grabbing a cool runner up place for his efforts. Richard Hawes always has been a fan of tougher events, his Clubman Vets win on 5 laps completed was impressive. Darren Hayes was P2 with Paul Westgarth refusing to wait at the flag completing 4 laps in three hours twenty-five minutes!!!

Jack Winn Clubman

Sportsman class honours went to Ben Crowcroft who just pipped Brandon Bayliss to the flag. The Sportsman class saw only 3 DNF’s which proves the determination of these weekend Enduro warriors.

Every single inch of the 5-mile track stayed in place throughout the event, nothing cut out, or removed, this was a testament to the weeks of planning that went into this insane Extreme Enduro UK race.

The RAW Helpers and Marshals on the day had very little to do as the Zero outside help rule stayed in place. Thanks in particular to the Spectators for cheering the riders on, SportsInsure for backing the event, Special thanks to Team Steer for providing the riders Prize Money fund, and crucially the landowners who have agreed a 5 year deal with RAW Enduro for sole use, to ensure this event continues in safe hands for years to come.

RAW Summit Extreme Enduro… An expedition to the future….

Keelan Hancock Pro


Pos Name Category
2 Jack SPENCER Pro
4 Keelan HANCOCK Pro
5 Charlie FROST Pro
6 James ALLEN Expert
7 Richard MOORHOUSE Pro
8 Robert CRAYSTON Pro
10 Reece GAZZARD Expert
11 Jack WINN Clubman
12 Jamie WILLIAMS Expert
13 Phil HANCOCK Expert
14 Doug LOTE Clubman
15 Mark JACKSON Expert
16 Jason HIRST Expert
17 Ashton BRIGHTMORE Expert
18 Brodie HEYES Expert
19 Tom WIDD Pro
20 Wiliam WESTGARTH Pro
21 Daniel GAPPMAIER Expert
22 Charlie GODDARD Clubman
23 Kurtis KNOWLES Clubman
24 Matty TEMPLE Expert
25 Jason BALMER Expert
26 Richard HAWES Clubman Vets
27 Declan HELLIWELL Expert
28 Ben TENNANT Clubman
29 Marc BLENKINSOP Clubman
30 Will CAWTE Clubman
31 Andy KAY Clubman
32 Mitch PARKES Clubman
33 Brandley ALLEN Clubman
34 Bert BOAM Clubman
35 Kyle WALTON Clubman
36 Cameron MCCANN Clubman
37 Mike TAYLOR Clubman
38 Chris BROWN Expert
39 Darren HEYES Clubman Vets
40 Jed BALMER Expert
41 Simon HAMILTON Clubman
42 William MIDGLEY Expert
43 Paul WESTGARTH Clubman Vets
44 Chris BALL Clubman Vets
45 Ben CROWCROFT Sportsman
46 William WOLFORTH Clubman
47 Dan BILLAM Clubman
48 Chris SALT Clubman Vets
49 Brandon BAYLISS Sportsman
50 Paul DIXON Clubman
51 Edward ELKIN Clubman
52 Grant GILLENDER Clubman Vets
53 Zach ARGRAVE Sportsman
54 Jamie BERRY Clubman
55 Ged HIGGINS Sportsman
56 Liam MCSHANE Sportsman
57 Shaun CLENNELL Sportsman
58 Matthew SMITH Clubman
59 Ian ROBINSON Clubman Vets
60 Carl TENNANT Sportsman
61 Rory JONES Sportsman
62 Andrew HACKETT Clubman Vets
63 Mark HODGES Clubman Vets
64 Steve CARTER Clubman
65 Simon NUTTER Clubman Vets
66 Keith TALLENTIRE Sportsman
67 Tommy TATE Sportsman
68 Sonny LEIGH Sportsman
69 James TYAS Sportsman
70 Leo SWINFEN Sportsman
71 Gary RICHARDSON Clubman Vets
72 Stephen HANNA Clubman Vets
73 Johny HAYES Sportsman
74 Richard WILKINSON Sportsman
75 Rhys GLASSON Sportsman
76 Paul MCKIE Clubman Vets
77 Paul DALEY-SMITH Clubman Vets
78 Graham DICKINSON Clubman Vets