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Product Review: The MOTO MAC – Tested!

Product Review: The MOTO MAC – Tested!

We recently tested the MOTO MAC Absolute MAC and were pleasantly surprised. MOTOMAC describes this wardrobe staple as “the ultimate protection from the elements”, so we wanted to see if it really did what it says on the tin. It is recommended to be worn for both the rider and the spectator/mechanic/parent. Whether it be in between motos on a cold, damp day (almost everyday in the UK), trackside getting that perfect instagram shot or the dreaded washing of the bike at the end of the day. The MAC has many uses and for many users.

Two petrol-head mates (and their supporting partners) from North Devon set up the company in Summer 2020, after seeing a gap in the market. You may have seen other well-known brands have a similar product, however the AbsoluteMAC has been tried and tested by motorcycle riders of many disciplines. Being keen motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, they wanted to bring a product range to the market that would stand up to the good old English weather and the track conditions that come with it!

A standout benefit of this MAC is how light it feels when wearing, but don’t let that make you think there is any reduction in quality. The outside of the coat is super waterproof, but also quick drying to prepare you for those great british downpours. The plush fleece lining even extends into the hood, making the MAC extremely warm, comfortable and cozy. This was put to the test when we turned up to a Welsh enduro track in the middle of July, and shock… it was raining; my fiance turned up in a pair of shorts, where luckily I had the MAC in the van. She wouldn’t shut up all day about how warm and toasty she was and even said she could fall asleep in the chair – like a walking sleeping bag!

In summary, as we come into the autumn/winter months – i’d recommend anyone who hasn’t already to go out and get yourself your own MAC, and buy one for the other half too as you already know they’re going to steal it when they see how waterproof and warm they really are. With their simple seamless design, they’re sure to fly off the shelves faster than a speeding ticket.

RRP £139

For more information or to purchase a MOTO MAC head here >>