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Moto win and Podium for Jack Chambers and DRT Kawasaki at MXGB Lyng Opener

Moto win and Podium for Jack Chambers and DRT Kawasaki at MXGB Lyng Opener

The first round of the Dirtstore MXGB British Championship took place in Lyng, Norfolk. Having a strong history of DRT competing with an American in the UK with Jack’s trainer, Zach Osborne who claimed the 2010 British Champion title, Jack started out perfectly with a holeshot and a win in race one. Race two the “12” couldn’t replicate the start from race one and so was forced to make his way through the pack, losing his goggles in the process. This hampered his abilities and settled for 3rd in race two giving him 2nd overall.

Words and Images by DRT Kawasaki

The young Billy Askew had his first race in the MX2 adult class, and an unfortunate crash saw his clutch lever break, leaving him unable to continue in race one. Race two didn’t see the best of starts and a few crashes but these didn’t deter Billy who pushed on to collect 9th in the second race.

The team now look towards Portugal where all three riders will compete at the Agueda circuit.

Jack Chambers – MX2

“Fun weekend racing on “home” soil at Lyng for the first round of the British championship. I was able to get the holeshot and lead start to finish in race 1, but in race 2 I started a little further back and had to come through the pack to finish 3rd with no goggles for 25 minutes. It was a tough task trying to see without falling. Looking forward to the next one and we will see how many rounds we can make it to. Portugal MXGP up next!”

Billy Askew – MX2

“Lyng for the first round was good, a lot of positives to take away like running up front and pushing towards the lead but had a silly mistake and snapped clutch lever and wasn’t able to get back going, race two was a bit hectic with a bad start and few crashed but tried to get as far up the field as I could and managed a 9th, ready for next weekend in Portugal for the EMX250.”

Steve Dixon – Team Manager

“It was good to be at the first round of the British Championship in Lyng, especially with our team sponsor Stebbings who are located nearby in Kings Lynn. We had a lot of our sponsors show their support this weekend so it was good to see Jack up the front, especially with the holeshot in race one. It was unlucky to lose the goggles in race two but it was still a great performance to take a race win and second overall. Billy showed good speed in the adult class, a shame for him to lose the clutch lever in the first race but happy with a top ten finish. Next up is 3 back to back races in Portugal, Spain and France.”