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McLernon crowned champ at Cusses Showdown! 2021 ACU British Quadcross Championship Finale – Race Report & Results

McLernon crowned champ at Cusses Showdown! 2021 ACU British Quadcross Championship Finale – Race Report & Results

This event incorporated the ninth round of the Nora MX Championship, and the fifth round of the British Quad Championship. It was hosted by the Nora MX team at the Cusses Gorse track near Salisbury in Wiltshire. The weather was cloudy but dry with watering between each race to keep the dust down.

Report by Tracy Thacker – Images courtesy of John Cook and Tracy Thacker

Oli Sansom – Image by Tracy Thacker

In the British championship Quad class, Mark McLernon started the day at the top of the championship with Dafydd Davies just thirteen points behind. The rivals had a great day of racing with Mark McLernon holding the championship lead and taking the championship title.
In Race 1 Mark McLernon lead the race from the start going on to take a brilliant win, Dafydd Davies had a great start and soon settle into third but was on top form fighting past Harry Walker to take second, Walker tried hard to go round the outside but and despite a great battle he held third. Behind was the battle for fourth with Oli Sansom chased by Dean Dillon. Simon Hammersley took sixth

Harry Walker by John Cook

Mark McLernon’s winning streak continued into race two, with Harry Walker second but it was a close battle with Harry Walker staying close finishing just one bend behind. Dafydd Davies held third from Oli Sansom and Dean Dillon, with a close battle for fourth. Dean Dillon blasted into fourth but Oli Sansom stayed with him and despite a few challenges took fifth at the flag.

The Champ Mark Mclernon – Image by Tracy Thacker

The final championship race of the season was a great battle for those last few points. Dafydd Davies leads into bend one with Mark McLernon close behind and determined, he closed the gap, took fastest lap, and blasted into the lead going on to take maximum points and the championship win. Harry Walker had a slower start holding fifth but was on a charge, fighting forward picking off his rivals until he was up to second and closing on the leader, but McLernon was determined, and Walker settled for a close second. Dafydd Davies took third with Simon Hammersley fourth.

Dafydd Davies – Image by Tracy Thacker

Mark McLernon won the championship, Dafydd Davies took second with Oli Sansom third. Dean Dillon took the under 21 championship title.


Pos Competitor Points R1 R2 R3
1 Mark McLernon 75 25 25 25
2 Harry Walker 64 20 22 22
3 Dafydd Davies 62 22 20 20
4 Oliver Sansom 48 18 16 14
5 Dean Dillon U21 46 16 18 12
6 Simon Hammersley 43 15 10 18
7 George Day 42 14 13 15
8 Marcus Thomson 36 6 14 16
9 Tom Day 33 9 11 13
10 Jack Naylor 29 10 8 11
11 Justin Reid 27 12 15
12 Carl Bunce 23 11 12
13 Jack Holmes 20 13 7
14 Zak Orchard 17 8 9
15 Kyle Murphy 7 7
16 Alfie Walker U21 5 5

First bend mayhem – Image by Tracy Thacker