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Electrifying Action at Pembrey MX: Wales’ Inaugural Electric-Only Motocross Event – Race Report & Results

Electrifying Action at Pembrey MX: Wales’ Inaugural Electric-Only Motocross Event – Race Report & Results

Just under 40 riders descended upon Pembrey MX, marking a historic moment by participating in Wales’ first-ever electric-only motocross event. This two-day racing event was exclusively tailored for electric bikes and e-balance bikes. With riders as young as three journeying from all corners of the country, the event symbolised a shift towards an eco-conscious future in motorsport competition.

Images courtesy of GBM Photography & Jason Dale Photography 

The kick-off of the event on Saturday encountered a brief delay due to inclement weather. However, the wet and windy conditions proved no challenge for the resilient and well-draining sandy loamy track of Pembrey MX. Swiftly evolving into an optimal racing surface, competitors were offered a near-perfect race track. By Sunday, the clouds gave way to azure skies, crafting an even more compelling arena, enhancing the overall racing experience.

Barks family, hailing from Derbyshire, certainly made their mark. Both brothers showcased their prowess by clinching victories in their respective classes. Grayson Blake-Martin, in the 16’ E-Drive Open 5-8 class, showcased a series of consistent performances, leading many races from start to finish.

A spotlight was cast upon the Oset 12.5 class racing. The audience was treated to a captivating showdown as Kaylum Clark and Oakley Jones engaged in fierce bar-to-bar action. New faces to the racing world were a common sight, showcasing a new generation stepping into the world of motocross. Myles Chee, new to the racing scene, astounded spectators by taking a win in the E-mini class. Travis Jones made a noteworthy debut, securing a 3rd place finish in his first racing endeavor. Cohan Jones followed suit with a commendable 2nd in the E3 class. Siblings Elsie and Ronnie Evans made their racing debut memorable, both securing podium finishes after crossing the Severn bridge. Logan Clement, competing in the 16 E-Drive 5-6 class, showed admirable progress throughout the event, finishing every race he participated in.

Representing the female competitors, Felicity Walters shone brightly with a stellar performance, not only taking the overall win in the 12’ E-Drive class but also outpacing the boys. The 16’ E-Drive class 5-6 had a special family rivalry, as Priya Walters Hughs and Felicity went head-to-head, adding an extra layer of excitement for spectators.

The use of Mylaps transponders was another highlight of the event. This advanced system not only ensured accurate timings but also elevated the spectator experience. Live scores were dynamically displayed on a large screen, keeping everyone updated on the riders’ performances in real-time.


-E5 MX Class:

1. Jesse Barks

2. Ollie Staples

3. Ethan Hurd-Miller

4. Ben Abbott

– E3 Class:

1. Oaklie Seldon

2. Cohan Jones

-Oset 12.5 Class 4-5

1. Oakley Jones

2. Calum Clarke

3. Harri Fisher

– 12-inch E-Drive Open Class 3-4

1. Jonah Barks

2. Reuben Grabham

3. Theo Hancock

– 12-inch E-Drive Class 3yrs Old

1. Cellan Rees

– 12-inch E-Drive 5-6:

1. Felicity Walters

2. Theo Rees

3. Elsie Evans

– E-Mini Class 4-7:

1. Myles Chee

2. Harry Fisher

3. Logan Caplin

– Oset Class (wheels bigger than 12.5) 6+

1. Carson Robinson

2. Tomi Jones

– 16 E-Drive Open 5-8:

1. Grayson Blake-Matthews

2. Ted Davis

3. Travis Jones

– 16 E-Drive 3-4:

1. Ben Abbott

2. Ronnie Evans

 16 E-Drive 5-6:

1. Oaklie Seldon

2. Ethan Hird-Miller

3. Albie Dallas

4. Archie Gill

5. Ted Davies

6. Priya Walters Hughs

7. Felicity Walters

8. Jenson Andrews

9. Logan Clement

10. Logan Caplin

Having successfully amalgamated technological advancements with sporting prowess, Pembrey MX has set a new standard for electric racing. This memorable event promises a brighter and more electric future for motocross. We are excited about the prospect of organising another race event very soon . Stay tuned for more details, which will be announced on our website: